Monday, April 12, 2010

My Birthday Present From Dad…

These are all things I can’t normally afford.  Maggie’s beef jerky was $10.99 alone.  Mom scoffed when she saw how many Coca-Colas I bought and I bought a big canister of coffee.  Mom tooled around behind me with a calculator in hand to make sure I only spent $150 dollars! LOL


Annabel said...

Happy birthday, dear friend. Hope it has been a good one for you!

Anonymous said...

looks yummy to me. i hope that you enjoy the things that you bought. remember to not binge and throw up but keep eating moderate so you will not be triggered to binge and throw up. it would be nice if you could do this like once a month or so. i am glad that your get your shot tomorrow. i am getting hungry looking at the food. i have a frozen dinner that was good. gracie at a few bites of it bu t i had eaten almost all of it. it was oreinetal.

Anonymous said...

that was liz written above. happy birthday again.

This IS The Fun Part! said...


Promise me that this will last at least a few days. You will be sick as hell if you devour all of it at once. Keep control, Andrew! Okay, nagging is done! But I mean it!

I hope you had a great day - sure was quiet here on the ol' blog!

Love ya,

Hap Joy Free said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

Hope your day was wonderful and special!!



Jules said...

I love the effort you're putting into your blog Andrew. Reminds me of the old days. Hope is was Happy, once again.

Peg said...

Happy Birthday, my friend! May this year be filled with joy and blessings.

-- Peg

Mary K said...

Nice haul! Yeah, Beef jerky ain't cheap but it is delicious!
Hope you've had a great day.
Mary K.