Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Maggie’s Got a Lot of Scratchin’ Needin’ Done!

I’ve watched and watched as Maggie has furiously scratched and scratched on the floor of my den this afternoon.  Lord knows, she doesn’t have fleas as mom makes sure of that being so diligent and OCD with her flea medications.  I’ve watched as her collar has spun round and round as she scratches her neck though.  She must have gotten into something outside that has made her itchy. 

“What if Maggie has allergies?” mom asked a moment ago when she was over here and I remarked about it.

I laughed. I am much like my father about such things and think dogs are far more rustic and resilient than we give them credit for these days.

I finally decided that the best solution to Maggie’s predicament today was to just get down in the floor and start scratching as well.  We have scratched and scratched.

“It must be terrible not being able to scratch your back,” I told her.

I took off her collar and scratched her neck real good.  I scratched her belly.  I scratched her armpits.  We scratched everything.  Maggie was just in ecstasy.     


glittermom said...

my Lucy had allergies last summer..she broke out in a rash on her face..she was on prednisone for it..its hard to determine what they might be allergic just start eliminating different things..beef and dairy were 1st...

- PT said...

She may also have dry skin. You could ask your vet.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hi Andrew ~
Make up signs for both your front and back doors "NO SOLICITORS". That should solve your problem with that. About Maggie itching...she may have dry skin...especially if you give her more than one bath a month. You can get stuff for dry skin in the pet Dept. at Wal-Mart or better yet, ask your Vet what he thinks about it. This IS the season for allergies and she could very well have some. I'm not sure...but I think if you put a little fish oil in her food it may oil or olive oil...can't remember now...ask your vet before you do anything though, ok? Hope your evening is a good one.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Your mom is just too cute! I just know that Maggie loved all the attention AND the great scratchin' as well!

I think your mom wants to make everyone in the whole world happy!


Joy Heather said...

Could Maggie posibly have picked up a tic ??..over here the treatment is different to that for Fleas, tics are a menace as they dig into the skin and cant easily be seen through the fur..but are very annoying..a course of medication will soon get rid..but its worth looking into before you start changing her diet...and they are fairly ommon in dogs (over here anyway)..hope Maggie feels better soon..Hugs to you both Joy