Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lives Ever Complicated…

“Mom, Barbara just called and I go to pick up my contacts tomorrow at one,” I said.

Dad often calls mom our secretary.  She handles all my and dad’s appointments with a bulldog like tenacity and alacrity. 

“Why didn’t she call me?” mom asked me all in a stir at me having accepted the appointment. “I am on your contact info.  I go buy your groceries around that time tomorrow.”

Routines, I keep having to remember.  Us obsessive compulsive people hate to have our routines disrupted.  Any deviation from the norm sends us into a tailspin.  I wish it could be easy and with mom just saying, “We’ll go get your contacts and then go get your groceries together.”  It never is I fear.

Mom called Barbara back and changed the appointment and has since called me back twice worried “I can’t see my computer screen”.

“Maybe I did the wrong thing by changing the appointment to Friday,” mom said. “I am worried you can’t see now.”

I laughed and sighed. “Mom, I will be fine,” I reassured her.  I really can see okay – just a little blurry, but okay.  Just don’t tell mom that or we would really be in trouble and my phone would never quit ringing. 


Anonymous said...

i agree with what beth wrote and was happy to read about how well you are doing with aa and life. i am having trouble with my computer and wish we lived closer and you could help me know what to do. i hope that y ou are having a good day . take great care of yourself. liz

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Your poor mother! I understand why you and your dad sometimes just have to laugh at some of her unique obsessions. At least you know she loves you!

Which reminds me. Earlier today you said you were working so hard to keep doing well because you love your dad so much and you want him to love you back. Andrew - your dad loves you. He loves you so much that it hurts him when you're having problems. He may be strict, he may give you a hard time and he may be disappointed - but he always loves you. That's the way it works when you're a parent!

Love ya,