Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hungry, Hungry Hippos…

“Are you going to eat all of that?” mom said hungrily eyeing the bowl of lunch in my hand.

We were sitting on my couch.  She had just stopped by to see how I was feeling mainly.  She also brought me some trash bags and polish for my glass topped stove.  I had just told her about how good this chicken teriyaki meal was.  I had added some soy sauce and doctored it up some.

“Don’t use Comet on your stove.  You will scratch the top,” she said as I handed her what was left of my meal – quite a large portion to be exact. “Use that stove polish I bought at Kroger.”

“What are you doing out so early on a Saturday morning?” I asked, enthused.

Saturday’s have traditionally been a time for mom to sleep the day away.  She feels it’s her day off.  That, and Sundays. 

“Just running errands.  I took some of my Zyprexa, felt better mentally, and felt like getting some things done.”

I watched as mom hungrily ate what was left of my chicken teriyaki.  She abruptly stood up, handed me the bowl, and said she had more errands to run.  I then watched as she cranked up her car, began to drive off, and ran all over my curb.  She is certainly on a high mood and can’t drive on a good day.  I just shook my head, shut the door, and thanked God I wasn’t a passenger in that Honda today.

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This IS The Fun Part! said...

I wonder how long dad will let her keep driving. I can imagine the day that Helen and you will have to drive her everywhere! OMG! On your good days, that might be entertaining! Problem is, it could also bring on more anxiety for both of ya!

Maybe he could hire her a driver - or she can call a cab? Oh my!