Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Death and Destruction Channel…

“I quit watching The Weather Channel,” dad told me last night as I was taking my medications. “Did you look at their webpage yesterday?”

Dad and I are weather fanatics.

“No,” I replied with interest.  This was a very interesting turn of events.  I’ve been harping on dad for weeks how bad The Weather Channel has gotten – that it’s as bad a Fox News these days as far as their over-the-top coverage of things is concerned. 

“I don’t visit for my weather,” I told him. “I go to the National Weather Service’s website.”

“The headline on was about the H1N1 vaccine,” dad said. “It had nothing to do with the weather.  I browsed away in disgust.  I just wanted some weather news.”

“They’ve gone downhill ever since NBC bought them,” I replied.

“It seems to me they are catering to a more mainstream audience,” dad said. “But they are killing their core weather fanatic audience that made them what they are.”

“It’s about advertising dollars,” I replied in a moment of enlightenment. “They are a business first and foremost to make money.  The weather is just a tool to sell advertisements.  That’s why I go to the NWS for my weather.”

“Local on the eights,” dad said turning to me with a smile. “That’s the only real redeeming thing left of the weather channel.”

I agreed. I still love that part of it and will turn to channel nine out of habit when the clock turns to eight.  I want the forecast.  The temperature. The barometer and dewpoint.  All things us weather fanatics keep up with.  I don’t want to know about the missing girl in a Florida swamp that has no bearing on me or my life, or the weather for that matter.  I told dad this and he laughed and smiled before leaving agreeing with me.


Mary K said...

Yeah....I knew me and the Weather Channel were breaking up when they started the whole "Wake Up With Al" business. If I wanted to wake up with Al I'd watch the Today Show.
NBC is trying to make the weather sexy. And it ain't happening.
If you ever feel like reading some interesting weather discussions with some awesome meteorologists you should check out They're especially awesome during hurricane season. Assuming you're not already there, of course. :p

glittermom said...

I use to watch local on the 8's until now ours only shows cities listed alphabetically with the other info..

(M)ary said...

A kind of unrelated comment: I wonder how the big ash cloud from the Iceland volcanic eruption will affect the weather....supposedly events like that can cause climate change all over the world.

glittermom said...

Your pretty quiet today...Hope your feeling well...

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Wow - you didn't even read me a bedtime story, or nuffin'! Hope all is well - and that you are just tired from a hard day of radio and reading!

Take care, my friend - see ya in the morning!


kristi said...

My daughter is all into the weather. She is 14. I always ask her what the temps will be and if it will rain..LOL.