Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crash, Bang, Boom!

I was just talking to Mrs. Florene on the phone when I heard a loud crash, squeal and boom.  It sounded like someone’s car had hit my house.

“What was that?” Mrs. Florene asked. “That was loud.”

“I don’t know,” I replied, stymied. “It sounded like something just hit my house.”

I got off the phone and looked out every window until I got to the window in my back bedroom.  I saw my neighbor’s car sitting in the front yard across the street from his house.  His garage was mangled – the left side corner completely torn off and the garage door was laying in the driveway.  I called Mrs. Florene back.

“My elderly neighbor that lives behind me just had a bad accident,” I told her. “He must have hit the gas instead of the brake when he was pulling out of the garage.”

“Oh Lord,” Mrs. Florene replied. “Go see if they need some help.”

It was raining heavily now.  I hesitated for about thirty minutes worried about getting involved.  I finally got in my car and drove around the block as the police just arrived to fill out a report.  The neighbor’s car was still sitting in the yard across the street.  He was standing in the rain looking completely confused.  With the police being there, I just drove back home satisfied they had enough help.

You never know what is going to happen in my neighborhood.  This was coming on the heels of some Mormon missionaries that visited this morning.  Amazingly, I let them in much to Maggie’s chagrin.  Maggie completely checked them out -- thoroughly sniffing their dress shoes and the nice pants of their Sunday best.  They were wearing sharp black overcoats in anticipation of the rain arriving. 

“Have you found God in your life?” one missionary asked me as we sat on the couch. 

“Oh, yes!” I replied. “I’ve found God and Jesus both.”

The other missionary chuckled saying I sounded like I had found them in my backyard.  I enjoyed his candidness.   Both young boys laughed. 

“Do y’all want a soda?” I asked.

Both boys declined and were soon on their way.  They thanked me for letting them in.  They said they had been to countless houses all morning to find people that just didn’t want to fool with them.  I admired their zeal and zest they had for something they so strongly believed in.  The only real reason I let them in, though, was I had seen a special on PBS Knowledge yesterday on Mormonism.  I was interested in learning more.    

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Anonymous said...

Mormons don't believe Jesus was the Son of God.