Friday, April 2, 2010

Breakfast By George…

George just called me. He was driving home from work in Lagrange.

“Are you going to be okay?” he asked. “Your pops leaving might make you want to drink.”

I smiled. My good friend. My dear good friend.

“I will be fine,” I replied assuredly. “I am actually excited about it.  I am going to let myself go for a few days.  It’s a vacation for me.”

George laughed.

“Get me some breakfast,” I then said in hungry anticipation.

“What do you want?” George asked. “You ought to just eat breakfast with me and mom. She’s cooking cheese grits, bacon and biscuits this morning.”

“I am craving two sausage biscuits and two hashbrowns from McDonalds.”

“And just how are you going to pay me back for this?” George asked jokingly.

“I will wash the Caprice.  Just bring it over.  I will even wax it.”

“Deal!” George said and hung up the phone.

I was just cooking some cheddar broccoli and potatoes in the microwave for breakfast.  That is going in the fridge.  I want some comfort foods this morning and I can’t wait for George to get here with my biscuits.  Do you all eat mustard on your sausage biscuits? I do. I love it that way.  It reminds me of that movie Sling Blade. Carl always ate his biscuits with mustard. Um huh. 


Jopan said...

Hi. Erm what are these biscuits you're talking about? biscuits over in england are sweet, You know cookies, so sausage biscuits sound...Strange. I assume they're differant to our biscuits.

Andrew said...

Jopan, I am aware of the discrepancy between biscuits in England and the USA. I was trying to think of how to describe biscuits here and they can best be described as little round cakes of bread made out of flour and buttermilk. They are cut in half and a slice of sausage is put between the halves. That's a sausage biscuits. They are savory and not sweet.

It's Jan! said...

I have never tried the mustard on my sausage biscuit, but you can be darn sure I'm going to try it very soon; maybe tomorrow!

Have a great day!

Jan in PA

kristi said...

Yep I have eaten them with mustard. Yummy! Love the movie Slingblade it is one of mine and my hubby's favorites.

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

I don't eat sausage but i eat my grilled cheese sandwiches with mustard, which everyone else thinks is strange. I think it's yummy. :)

Anonymous said... jelly on sausage biscuits.