Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bane of Maggie’s Existence…

It has started lately – the roving yard cutters.  They will knock on your door and ask if you want your grass cut.  It has already happened two times today.   One black man is riding around the neighborhood on a riding lawn mower asking people if they need their grass cut.  The sound of that loud and raucous mower is driving me crazy.  I can seemingly hear it blocks away. 

Well, this just drives Maggie crazy.  She has been in a stir all morning.  I watched as that black man pulled up in front of my house on that mower and thought, “Oh shit!  Maggie’s going to bark for an hour!”  She did.  And I am aggravated that all these people knocking on my door sends my social anxieties skyrocketing!  These people are as bad as telemarketers and I am not exaggerating.  Maybe it’s just the poor neighborhood I live in, but it gets old quick every summer.  


Leaking Moonlight said...

We don't have a doorbell but we do have "dog bells."

Our mowing season further down south here started before Easter. And for the first time ever a man saw me in the front window, walked up and tipped his hat to ask if I needed mowing. I do appreciate anyone seeking a living, but I was very happy that day to have my "dog bells" on the job.

Now, you should have heard me yesterday trying to explain to a three-year old why the dogs chase the trash truck. And I really don't know the answer to, "What did the trash truck ever do to them?"

Have a happy day, Andrew. Your post made me smile - thank you.

Joy Heather said...

Could you put a Notice up out the front,'Saying No Callers..Thank You'...or words to that effect, that would stop most folk knocking. I know how you feel, it annoys me when i get people knocking the door all the time..It always seems to start in Spring through Summer, then seems to slow down...a notice should put a stip to a lot of it..and calm Maggie down.