Saturday, April 3, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude!



C.A. said...

Dear friend, I am thankful for being able to SEE you after all these years. Today I was able to see the physical changes in you when you are struggling mentally. Your brow furrows, your whole posture is different. It just made me want to reach out and give you a hug, A. Thanks for the recent posting of your "Attitude of Gratitudes". It's nice to have a visual of what I've been following for so long.

Have a peaceful day.....


Joy Heather said...

Its so good to see you, but you do look more tense in this video Andrew..i hope you get back to normal very soon..its hard when we have setbacks..but i know i speak for all your readers when i say..we care for you and want to see you happy again..Take Care..Joy

Beth said...

For whatever reason, this vid and the one explaining Ubuntu don't have the 'play' arrow or still pix on my system (Windows XP). I see the one from YouTube, but not yours.

I'm so sorry you had a hard time. I always tell my daughter to try to visualize herself in the middle of soft, gentle white light that is surrounding her and protecting her from everything, and to focus on her breath and the light -- to bring her attention back every time it wanders away.

I hope today is easier for you. (must have been the revenge of the Big Macs!)