Thursday, April 1, 2010

At Least I Can Have Chocolate!

Maggie’s been driving me nuts about the Snickers bars I have been eating.  She wants some so badly.  I am going to call my Vet today and ask if chocolate is truly bad for dogs.  I am pretty sure it is a myth. 

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Judy said...

She doesn't need chocolate! It is bad for dogs and it would make her fat.

Joy Heather said... does look as if she is saying that to you by the look on her face..I really don't think its a myth Andrew..I was told by the vet not to give my dog it can be VERY bad for them....having said that my daughters Bassett Hound got into a Whole BOX of chocolates a couple of years ago..He dragged them up the garden to his favourite spot under the tree and ate the lot, we didn't realise what he was doing until we saw the box of chocs were missing, by which time it was too late...he just left a chewed up box..he knew he'd done wrong, when we went out to him....but he wasn't even sick !!..but Bassetts are known to eat anything & everything..we did take him to the vet,next day, but he said it was too late to do anything anyway..he still loves chocs, but they are keet out of his reach nowadays.