Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Afternoon Update…

“Baby, will you keep the cars going until George gets out of jail?” Mrs. Florene asked me this afternoon.  “I want you to come to breakfast every morning as well.  I am just a lonely old lady it seems.”

My heart went out to her.  She went on to say she felt lost without George.  She didn’t have anything to do now, but sit in the house, talk on the phone, and watch TV.  I assured her I would keep the batteries in the cars charged, the oil changed, and keep them gassed up. 

“I have trouble getting going in the morning, but I will try to make it for breakfast,” I replied.

“Well, it would mean a lot to this old woman if you would.”

“I’ll see you in the morning, but you are going to make me fat again,” I said laughing.  “Your food is the meal of Gods.”

“George has been trying to collect call you, but your phone apparently doesn’t accept them,” Mrs. Florene then said.

“I have only local service and no frivolities.  Dad thinks I am going to have long distance Internet relationships again.”

Mrs. Florene chuckled at my last statement and I smiled on the other end of the phone.  It was good to hear her laugh.  I think the best way I can help George is to help his mother.  Helping yourself by helping others is an important tenant of AA I think I’ve overheard.  I will be there for breakfast in the morning.  Mrs. Florene says she is cooking scrambled eggs, Clark brother’s sausage, and biscuits.  It sounds lovely if I can just get a shower and get dressed to go.  She would welcome me in if I looked homeless and unshaved, though, bless her dear heart.


mxtodis123 said...

That poor woman. Hearing this makes me really mad at George. If he hadn't had a touch of recovery, it's one thing, but he has. As an alcoholic in recovery myself, I know how strong addiction can be, but it still gets my goat to see his mom hurt like this. I hope and pray he can get it together. That poor woman doesn't deserve to be hurt like this. Take good care of her, Andrew. She needs you.

Jennifer said...

Andrew your are doing the best for George by taking care of his Mom for him. Maybe, hopefully this is rock bottom for him. I just feel for his Mom. Give her a hug from everyone here. I second that she needs you. Take good care of her, please.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

You're a good son, Andrew! Mrs. Florene really does need you and I think you need her, too! Y'all are good for each other.

Love ya,

pattycakes said...

thats a nice idea for you to do. is she able to get out and walk? perhaps after a nice breakfast you could take maggie and her for a nice small walk , it would prob do you all some good. hope it works out . your a nice guy to do that for her have a good day

Jane said...

It's sweet the way you take care of Mrs. Florene.

justLacey said...

I love that George's mom has you when George is out of commission. You are a good friend.

Joy Heather said...

I echo what everyone else as said Andrew..poor Mrs Florene ..but it so good she has you..and surely you will enjoy those breakfasts !!..the idea of a walk afterwards sounds good as well..that way you hopefully won't put too weight on...i think its a great shame you aren't allowed to use the phone except locally..maybe George could arrange to ring you at his Mothers one time..as i'm sure it would be good for you both to talk to each other.

Anonymous said...

i think it is good for you to be friends with georges mom. i think it is a great ideas that people mentioned such as taking a walk with her and maggie and also having george call you at his moms house at a decided time. you are a good man andrew. about spondership i did not do well with a sponser and did better just talking to people or listening in meetings. i am not saying sponsership is wrong it just was not right for me. if you can do it great for you if you cannot then settle with that is alright too. liz