Sunday, March 7, 2010

This Evening’s Cloud Shrouded Sunset…

030710_0052 copy


Leann said...

What a beautiful sunset Andrew. We still have a few hours before the sun goes down here. I hope you have a peaceful evening.

PipeTobacco said...


A very nice picture indeed. I keep thinking you would be able to develop quite an artistic eye if you wanted to and could sell your images.

Just my own two cents about the drinking that you did and the drinking that George did... to me, it is of utterly no concern what-so-ever. Here is my take on the situation... you are both good fellows, and that is true whether you drink or are sober or are anywhere in-between.

I get a bit frustrated at people who would condemn George when he was drinking regularly and you were not. They would call him a horrid friend and worse. In much the same way, there were a lot of people who would call you horrible or worse when you were drinking. Calling either you or George horrible just because you were drinking is such a bunch of nonsense. And it irks me how some folks (commenters, relatives, friends) can become so damn judgmental towards folks for something as commonplace and everyday as drinking or not drinking.

A person's worth and merit in this world is based upon how they treat others and how they try, to the best of their ability to help others. Whether a person drinks, or smokes, or does something else doesn't matter one bit if their heart is in the right place and they try to make things in life better for others.


Joy Heather said...

you have some lovely sunsets there Andrew.