Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Hairy Butts Here!

“I”m glad your butt isn’t hairy,” my nurse told me as she was injecting me. “i have never liked hairy butts on men.”

I laughed. Boy, did I laugh.

“Well, I am glad I could accommodate you,” I replied, smiling feverishly. 

Rebecca saying that really surprised me.  She is very conservative.  You know I just had to drive up to the pharmacy and tell dad all about it.  He loved it!

I am already feeling better just an hour after my injection.  My mind is quieter and I am calmer and more relaxed.  I got three Snicker’s bars and three Coca-Colas at the pharmacy so I am set for an hour or two. 


Joy Heather said...

a bit more of yourself you have shared with your readers Andrew !!LOL

Andrew said...

LOL! Joy, maybe this was just too much share! I thought it was funny, though. My nurse is so conservative and you should have seen the look on my face when she said that!

Joy Heather said...

I think its funny too...probably because she is conservative she needed to talk all the time to hide her shyness...but I bet it was SO funny hearing her say that...wonder what she would have said if you HAD got a hairy butt ?..probably..i'm so glad you have a hairy bum Andrew..i much prefer them to the non hairy ones..LOL, really only joking... sorry Andrew i'm feeling silly today.