Monday, March 29, 2010

My Thoughts for the Day…

All Mixed Up!

I’m neither conservative nor liberal. I consider myself a moderate and would like to see a new moderate based party.  I think a third party is going to be so important and key to America Libertarians aside.  I think it is terrible the extremes our two current parties go to on either side of the coin.  It is bad for our country.  We need to meet in the middle and have a consensus – a truce for the betterment of our country.  We need to work together and not be so deeply divided along party lines.

I listen to lots of AM talk radio, but can’t listen to the political shows that are so prevalent during the day.  I abhor the likes of Rhandi Rhodes, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.  I think they delude people into believing what they erroneously say.  And all they do is divide and bitch and moan – drawing lines in the sand and proselytizing about it.

Dad asked me again last night what I thought of the healthcare reform bill.  I said I thought it was about time.  We have to have insurance for our houses with mortgages.  We are mandated by our states to have insurance on our cars.  Why not health insurance? And for the 34 million Americans who can’t afford it.  I just worry how it is going to affect dad and my brother and sister who all have jobs in healthcare.  Who knows?  It could be a boon.  34 more million Americans are going to be able to get care where they currently can’t.  I eagerly await to see how this is all going to unfold.  

All is Well in my Mind…

Is it the calm before the storm as what often happens?  I’ve felt so well mentally these past few days.  I woke up this morning with my mind so clear and alert.  Normally, it is clouded and muddled by mental illness.  I could grow to really enjoy this.

It is easy to think I am cured when I get like this.  I let my guard down and revel in this new found wellness.  I think my writing really shines when I get like this as well.  I am so easily able to put my thoughts down on “paper”.  The words just easily flow.  I guess that is why I wrote so much yesterday.  I worried about it, though.  I worried I wrote too much and people would grow tired of my rambling.  I had so much I wanted to say and I thought people wouldn’t be bothered to read it all.  So many of you mean so much to me and I appreciate the comments so very much.  Feedback is a good thing good or bad.  It is my Atlas Marker. 

I am very apprehensive about my shot, though, tomorrow.  I am embarrassed.  Two weeks ago, I had taken over 24 Benadryl before my shot.  “I am feeling really mixed up,” I told my nurse. She looked flabbergasted.   What did I say to her and how did I act?  I can’t remember.  All I remember is her putting me in a waiting room to see my doctor after my shot.  I remember my doctor calling dad, dad arriving, and they drug tested me.  I was really acting crazy.  “How you taken any Benadryl or drugs?” I remember my doctor looking deeply into my eyes and asking.  “No,” I said lying as I looked steadfastly back into his eyes not to give away my ruse. Tomorrow, I will go into the doctor’s office with my tail between my legs and hope for the best.  I just hope I didn’t scare my nurse.  Rebecca means so much to me and is always so kind.  

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Hap Joy Free said...

This is where you get to apologize and make ammends. Welcome to changing your life! It will be fine.