Friday, March 26, 2010

My Thoughts for the Day…

Mom Arrives…

I am very glad mom is getting out of the house.  She was waiting on me last night when I got out of my AA meeting.

“I thought we would watch some TV,” she said cheerily.

We watched the weather channel and then some Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  Oxygen was having a marathon.  Soon, mom was on the bed in my spare bedroom asleep.  Dad arrived and thought mom sleeping on my bed was interesting.

“You and your mother sure are doing some interesting things,” he said.

“We’re branching out,” I said jokingly, but dad didn’t laugh.

Maggie was hyper last night and wanted to play.  Dad plays this game with her where she jumps on and off the couch.  I watched and smiled at their antics. 

I am feeling okay tonight.  I am up entirely too early and will go back to bed after Coast to Coast AM.  I’ve been doing lots of praying.  It is so novel to me to talk to someone who isn’t there, but I guess he, God, is.  I asked for the strength to make it to AA last night.  I wanted to just stay at home and not deal with all the social aspects of the program.  Time arrived for me to bolt out the door for the fifteen minute walk and I made it.  I was glad I did.  It was a good meeting.   


forsythia said...

Can't leave for vacation without expressing my happiness at the new things you're doing. YAY!

Joy Heather said...

Your posts just make me so happy for you every day now and your mom are great, its good to hear that as well..God bless, keep up the are doing so well.