Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Thoughts for the Day…

George agreed last night to stop drinking today.  It took a lot of peer pressure, but he’s done it once and can do it again.  I need his help and friendship.  He has been trying to hide his drinking from his mother and told me it had grown entirely too tiresome.  I smiled.  I know that feeling all too well from being an active alcoholic and being married for two years. I used to hide my bottles everywhere around the house and would eat toothpaste to hide the smell. 

I slept well last night.  Dad was in another great mood lavishing Maggie with attention.  I also managed to get dad to remember to bring me a birthday card for mom.  I felt much better.  I can’t do much for her under my current living situation, but i could at least give her a card telling her how much I love her.  I asked mom what she does with her days last night on the phone and she discouraged me from going her route.

“I sleep all the time,” she said. “I sleep all night then just lay in bed all day until late in the evening and I read books.  TV completely doesn't interest me.”

“I want to emulate you, though,” I replied. “You seem to do so well most days and me and you are a lot alike.”

Mom chuckled. “Yes, we are a lot alike.  I still don’t suggest sleeping your life away, though.”

I sighed.  Back to the drawing board.  I listen to entirely too much radio these days.  I spend most of my days pacing the floor as I listen to old shows of Coast to Coast AM.  I got a Streamlink subscription for Christmas for a year.  I will get tired and then lay down on the bed to watch Twitter and listen to more radio.  Then up and at it I am again pacing the floor.  It does get old, though.  My legs can grow to feel like Jell-O. 


PipeTobacco said...


Your decision to refrain from drinking is likely to be very helpful for you, and perhaps also for George. If drinking is not able to be done in a moderate fashion, it can pose issues.

Please keep in mind that moderation is the key to all forms of success. Even though both of you may refrain from drinking, try to not substitute other actions/activities in its place that are "extreme". What I mean, is please try to keep all actions moderate, for it is typically at the extremes (either good or bad) that problems arise.

If I were you and George, I would think that attending a few meetings may be helpful, but that an extreme position would be that you plan your whole day/week etc around getting to and attending meetings.

I guess in many ways, that is what I am trying to say... try to not have things become "all or none" even if they may be societally perceived as "good" behaviors.

Instead, perhaps aiming for a life of days filled with finding fun (various hobbies, various reading, various projects, various art, etc) would help both you and George find more enjoyment of moderation, and even deepen your friendship.


forsythia said...

Andrew, I think Pipe Tobacco's advice is sound. All of us are guilty of "all-or-nothing" thinking from time to time---I have enough of the addictive personality in me to think that way myself (habitually, before reason takes over) to know that it gets one in trouble. I hope you'll go outside and take more beautiful photos to share with your blog readers.

Joy Heather said...

I agree, with Pipe Tobbaco..all or nothing is too rigid..plan goood things to do..things to look forward to...i wish you so much luck are doing so well.