Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Thoughts for the Day…

Window’s Homegroups Stymied Me…

image_5CC13F63 I am enjoying my morning today.  I slept nonstop from between 11pm to 9am this morning.  I guess my body needed the rest.  Maggie is still sleeping – not getting quite enough of her beauty rest.  The National Weather Service has the possibility of snow in our forecast for tonight.  Strange.   I will believe it when I see it.  I currently have the air conditioner on it is so warm outside and inside.

This morning, I have been fiddling with my computer trying to share files between the two of them.  Window’s 7 has what is called “homegroups” for sharing that you have your computers join.  Microsoft made this entirely too complicated with passwords and hoops through which you must jump to get it to work right.  I finally got all my music and photos shared from my file server to my main blogging computer.  It took a literal hour of reading support groups and trial and error to get it to work.  I love this type of stuff and hate it at the same time.  Sometimes, you just want things to intuitively work and be easy, you know?

Not much is planned for today.  I will live vicariously through George’s evening last night when he calls or stops by.  Breakfast was two warmed up double cheeseburgers and a bowl of Mrs. Florene’s divine slaw.  How orthodox is that? lol  I am running low on groceries with it being the end of the week.   

Mom and dad have gone somewhere overnight and I don’t know where.  They constantly hide such things from me thus the reason Charlie is bringing my medications.  I didn’t ask Charlie about it last night as it would force him to lie for them.   C’est le vie! 

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