Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Thoughts for the Day…

Cavorting with Cheapness…

“I heard your mother did something not so nice to you this afternoon,” dad said smiling last night during our medication ritual.  Dad loves this kind of stuff.

“Boy, mom pissed me off,” I replied. “I am still debating on whether to talk to her or not for a few days.”

“She told me about it, asking if what she did was right, but I want to hear your side of the story.”

“I told mom again not to do fast food Mondays or Mexican Tuesdays.  I just worry about her doing too much,” I told dad. “She said, ‘well, it is costing me a lot of money.  We will quit.  I am tired of paying for it. I am running out of money.’”

Dad burst out laughing.  “Your mother is loose with my money, but so tight with hers,” he said. “Did it want to bring out the old Andrew?”

“I wanted to act ugly – to act out badly,” I replied. “I wanted to say, ‘momma, you’ve got $50,000 dollars in certificates of deposit in the bank and you can’t even spend $10 dollars a week for your son to have a Mexican meal every Tuesday night?  You are crazy!’”

Dad roared with laughter as he was leaving after feeding Maggie.

“Your mother’s a pistol,” dad said as he looked back at me walking down my steps.  “Watch your back!”

I used to could just blow my mother out of the water in my younger, more callous days.  I just don’t have the heart any more.  I realize mom just can’t help it.  She is just like her mother and her grandmother as much as she hated both of them.   


justLacey said...

This one is pretty too.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

I'm glad you didn't get too ugly with her. All that would do is send you on a guilt trip!

You know she loves you -- some days her illness just gets in the way!

Hope Maggie didn't make ya walk too far!

Joy Heather said...

you & your Mom will soon be back to normal..these things happen in families, you know she loves you really.