Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Thoughts for the End of the Blogging Day…

My Heart Glows!

“I’ve got a lady named Beth reading my blog and she has a daughter with similar issues to me,” I told dad a moment ago. “She’s really opening my eyes to your side of the story and what parents go through.”

“She’s had it tough, hasn’t she?” dad said very intrigued as if he knew. 

“She doesn’t complain about her daughter,” I replied. “But I am getting glimpses of what it is like to be in your shoes.”

“I like I have an advocate on your blog now,” dad said. “You make me want to read again.”

Oh Lord! I don’t want dad reading my blog again, but I liked he showed some interest in it.  It is such an important aspect of my life.  I consider it therapy. 

Dad was in an awesome mood and so loving tonight which was irony coming on the heels of what I wrote about him today.  We cleaned off my porch so I could sit out there this spring and summer and listen to my radio shows on my iPod.

“I’m never going to let you go back to who you were,” dad told me when he was leaving.  “I am one determined son of a bitch and we are going to straighten you out.  Every time you fall, I am going to pick you back up!”

I was just glowing as dad got in the car and drove off.  I do so love him so very, very much.  I told him he was my Rock of Gibraltar. Dad really set the mood for the rest of the evening and I have just taken my medications to boot.  It is going to be a good night!


Sharyna said...

I hope Dad doesn't start reading your blog! That might stiffle you. I enjoy your all out there style...

Andrew said...

I know Sharyna. It would really stiffle me. I would have to be very careful what I wrote. He would die I took those Cokes yesterday and wrote about it. Little things like that and I would have to be so careful. Dad won't even join my sister on Facebook so there's hope for me yet! LOL Love ya kindred spirit!

Lena said...

It is wonderful that Beth is helping you to see the parent perspective. I am not surprised that it would take someone who has been in your dad's shoes to help you to understand.

Maybe just hearing about Beth made your dad feel not so all alone. I think he would be surprised to learn that he has more advocates on the blog than he realizes.

I believe all of us want you and your family to be happy. The love is there, the loyalty is there and now the recovery. You are a lucky family in many ways.

Good night!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

When you take the time to stop and think you know that dad loves you. It's just hard to see it sometimes. I think that maybe he forgets just how much you take things to heart. Things that most people would let just roll off their backs - you and I take very seriously. We get our feelings hurt and then we try to hide it. I have to remind myself constantly that critical comments from people we love are meant to help us. Whether that's true or not, it's what I choose to believe!

New, better subject: You should have been here today. We had LOUD thunderstorms all day long. Almost three inches of rain since 10am and 2 or 3 tornado warnings! Our overweight rat terrier, Dixie is afraid of loud noises. I mean really afraid. We gave her a doggie valium and she still went to her favorite hiding place - under the toilet! I finally coaxed her out and she laid with me on the couch most of the day, shaking. At every loud clap of thunder she would look at me with her sad eyes wanting reassurance. I would lean over and hold her tight until she calmed down again. Poor thing just can't take this weather. Rascal, on the other hand, will go look out the window to make sure we're not under attack and then go look in all the hiding places for treats that Dixie has stashed all over the house!

Take care, love,

Leann said...

It made my heart glad to read this tonight Andrew.

Joy Heather said...

I dont think anyone doubted your Dads love for you..but it is good that he was able to voice it today..that must have cheered you up. You will have to get another blog set up as well as this one,..then if your Dad does read it, it will only show things you are o.k. with him reading..PLEASE dont think i am been underhand about this Andrew..i'm honestly not..but i think the fact that you are able to just be yourself with your blogging friends and talk about things that worry you, is in itself a sort of Therapy for you and releases some of your worries & would be sad if that had to stop. that would be counter productive...We all know you Love your Dad & vice versa...but we care for your well being as pleased you had such a good day today..hope this is just the beginning.