Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Midday Report…

“Let’s Get Back on the Wagon,” I Said.

“How can I help you and me get back on the wagon?” I asked George at lunch. 

He had brought us two chili dogs from Sarah Jay’s eatery.

“You get out of control,” George told me accusingly. “You can’t handle your liquor. I can.”

George was right.  George is what you call a functional alcoholic.  I am not.  My life, in all areas, spirals out of control when I drink.  George still manages to avoid the law, go to work, etc.  

“Would you go to some meetings with me?” I asked.

I have been of the mindset that if you can’t beat them, then join them lately about Alcoholics Anonymous.  And besides, I badly, badly need a healthy social outlet in my life.

“You know our misgivings,” George replied professorially.  “We don’t believe in all that religious bullshit.”

“We will use the group’s conscious as our higher power,” I replied.

George looked up at me defeated.  “Life was better when I didn’t drink.  My money I’ve saved is getting eaten alive!”

“Let’s make a pact and a truce,” I told him. “We will help each other.  We can be our own little support group.  You know I can’t drink for obvious reasons.  You’ve seen what it does to my life and my family.”

George sighed. “I really didn’t want to have this conversation this morning.”

I could smell alcohol on his breath from the distance from my couch to the lounge chair.

“Just think about it,” I finally said as we turned to eating our hotdogs.  

George left to get some sleep.  I hope he does think about it.  I had never done better than when my best friend quit drinking as well.  It gave me something to strive for.  George can be my best friend and my own worst enemy at times as well.  I need his help and support.  He needs mine as well.  Together we can do this I hope.  


This IS The Fun Part! said...

Boy, I can hear the difference in your voice! Happy is such a good feeling, isn't it!?!! I try my best to find something happy every day because life is just too dang short to be miserable for very long!

Enjoy it!
Grannie :-)

Beth said...

Way to go! It really fills me with hope when I read your words about positive thinking and healthy social outlets. Your county's mental health department also may have a dual diagnosis group that might be good for you too -- mental illness coupled with a substance addiction. You may be surprised at how many people share your illness.

Do all you can, where you are, with what you've got.


Joy Heather said...

I echo the two posts above Andrew.. you are sounding SO positive..its really good to know this. It would be great if George was able to support you more..but do try & keep it up for yourself as you sound a happier man, and that makes all your blogging friends happy as well.

justLacey said...

Good start! I am glad that you approached George on this subject. Give him a little time to think it over and I know he will come around. I am happy and proud to see you back on track. I agree that you need some kind of healthy social outlet. I think you get kind of bored and that sometimes brings trouble.

Sharyna said...

George is in denial. He's what we call a high bottom drunk. I mean, you mentioned he wet himself. Nonalcoholics seldom do that. I believe if I send you to: womenforsobriety.org You can find Men For Sobriety there. It is based on 13 statements that I feel you would benefit from. There's no god involved.