Friday, March 5, 2010

I Need a Favor From My Readers…

ar123551342397313 I am having tons of paranoia these past few days.  I just got around to checking my email today after a week or two of letting it languish.  Liz, you will be the first to get an email back.  Thank you for all your mail. I *heart* you!  Laura S., you are also in the queue to get an email from me.  It is flattering that you wrote a whole chapter about me in your thesis.  I will endeavor to read your thesis tonight and respond in kind.

What I need is someone to check the recent comments on the blog and email me back if they are safe to read or not.  I don’t need any triggering mechanisms emotionally at the moment.   I am very sensitive and paranoid right now about comments and emails, and just can’t take a lot of criticism.  I am being the proverbial ostrich with his mythical head in the sand.   So, if one of you, my friends, will help me out with this, I will go back and read all your comments and then try to start responding again as well. 


Peg McGuire said...

Oh Andrew! You are having such a hard time right now. I hope it passes soon. You're in my thoughts and prayers. This, too, shall pass.

glittergirl said...

i don't see any mean comments on recent posts. just lots of support.


joyous melancholy said...

I just want to say that I have never felt slighted or ignored or hurt in any way when I haven't received a response to a comment. I know you care about your readers, and there is a lot of us, and it must be hard to keep up on even the best of days.

I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time. I have no criticism for you at all - it never ceases to amaze me how you continue to handle your illness with grace and dignity.

I do have a gentle question, and I support you wholeheartedly whatever the answer is: Do you think it's wise to cut your injection strength right now? Your mental illness seems to cycle. Maybe it would be easier on you if you waited until you cycle back into a better phase? Just a thought.

(((((hugs))))) I hope you're feeling better again soon.

1Roman said...

I check your blog every day and I have to say it adds something good to my life. I haven't seen anything mean either but please don't let anyone make you feel bad! I will be thinking of you and wishing you the absolute best!

Joy Heather said...

Everyone as been so supportive Andrew..i think when you blocked the Anonymous ones lost all the nastiness..i do hope your 'good anonymous' friends were able to get in touch again...i will E-mail you about will lots of others i am sure, but you have nothing to fear from reading your comments at the moment...I so hope you feel stronger and not as fragile emotionally very soon dear.