Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good ‘ole George…

“Momma’s driving me crazy so I coming over here with you,” George said a minute ago. “I’ve been off of work two nights in a row sick and momma’s bout to nag me to death.  It makes me want to drink a gallon of bourbon.”

I laughed. “Come on in!”

“Let’s order a pizza for lunch,” George said.

George had brought a case of Cokes and I began to drool.  What a nice surprise!  I ordered the pizzas online and we are now waiting on them to arrive.  George is laying on my bed smoking a cigarillo.  He is using a cup of water as an ashtray which is sitting on my bedside table.  He has his legs crossed and looks comfortable.  I am doing “computer shit” as George puts it. LOL!

“If you watched porn, what kind of porn would you watch?” George just asked me.

“Everyday Joes,” I replied, meaning amateur porn. “Porn stars and mainstream porn just seems so fake.  I got enough of that with my ex-wife.”

“Find me a good amateur porn site.  Work your computer magic. You can find anything.”

I found www.youramateurporn.com pretty easily and it had all free videos and was virus free.

“Email me that link!” George said excitedly.

“You know it’s rather gross that I am thinking of you visiting this site and beating off,” I replied.

“I forget you don’t beat off,” George told me laughing.

“It’s not funny!” I said huffily. “I can’t help my medications make me asexual!”

I am now having euphoria from my injection.  This is my version of an orgasm.  I just told George I was feeling quite strange, but good at the same time.

“I’ve got to get me some of dat shit!” George exclaimed. “Do they have to inject it in your ass?”

I laughed as I lit up a cigarette.  Smoking is ten times more pleasurable during these moments of euphoria.  I can’t believe George is wanting an injection of Risperdal just to get high.  Us addicts are something else!


Charlotte said...

I love seeing you being REAL... being one of the "guys"... I was NOT offended at all with this post... just so ya know... :-)

Joy Heather said...

This made me laugh so much...i think George is so funny...together you should be on T.V...have you two ever cosidered a career in the Media Andrew...so funny ..LOL

Joy Heather said...

which one did you take down...dont ever appologise for what you Post Andrew This is YOUR blog..if anything offends your readers can always skip that one..