Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dad’s Visit…

“Wash your hair for me tonight,” dad told me a moment ago during our medication ritual.  “And you need to clip your fingernails.”

“Yes, dad,” I replied. “I should’ve worn my baseball cap.”

I was a little embarrassed, but I had let myself go the past two days.  I get so caught up in my mental illness that I can forget these vagaries of life.  I understand completely how a homeless person would let themselves go physically. 

“Are you using that shampoo Dr. K prescribed for you?”

“I’ve used it three times this week.”

“Good,” dad replied. “We are going to get you in shape physically.”


Joy Heather said...

My hairdresser told me NOT to wash my hair more than twice a week at the MOST..she siad it washes away the 'natural oils' that hair needs..and that encourages your hair to become oily quicker !!..(unless of course it is a shampoo for a special purpose, as its from your Doc )..i only do mine once a week sometimes now, and my hair stays much cleaner, as there is very little grease/oil, in it..i used to wash it everyday...although i think there are 'everyday' shampoos you can buy...but she said these are a waste of time..but you will feel better when you shave etc....i know how everything becomes a chore when you are depressed or Low..i used to not even get out of bed except to eat or for an hour or two, when i went through my own 'personal hell' a few years ago...but i'm sure you'll feel better when you get your Meds on Tuesday..Take Care.

justLacey said...

Maybe if you make some sort of basic schedule for yourself it would keep you on track when everything else is a little skewed.

Andrew said...


That is a good idea. I just get carried away and make elaborate schedules, though. LOL I just forget to take a shower, but I do change clothes every day and put on deodorant. I have been trying to be more mindful of brushing my teeth as well. I do it when I take off my contacts for the night.

Leann said...

I find myself so busy some days I forget to do the essentials. It is not unusual for me to go the whole weekend without showering. I do put on clean clothes and the such tho :-)

This IS The Fun Part! said...

How about a very short list of things you should do every day.
get cokes
water for Maggie
wash hair
make bed
feed Maggie
call mom

Limit yourself to only 8 or 10 things on the list - with no times. Think that might work? It's not nearly as strict as a schedule. Just a reminder of things to do. Almost everyone has a "things to do" list!

Love ya,

justLacey said...

Andrew remember, everything in moderation.