Sunday, March 28, 2010

Caught With My Pants Down…

“You haven’t come to get your Cokes yet,” mom said a moment ago over the phone. “I thought maybe you were feeling mentally unwell.  Are you having panic attacks?”

I smiled sheepishly.  Little did mom know that I was there when the police left and the backdoor of their home was open.  Charlie let me get some cokes and we locked the door.  I didn’t tell mom and dad knowing they would get on to me. Dad swears I am the only man in the USA that can get high off of cokes.   I have felt guilty ever since.  Used to, I wouldn’t have given a shit so I guess my conscience is improving with sobriety and AA. I still drank the diet Cokes, though.

“Um,” I replied not wanting to lie. “Just put the cokes out and I will be over right now to pick them up.”

“What are you doing?” mom then asked.

“Listening to Kim Comando on Computers,” I replied.

“You love that AM talk radio,” she said.

I drove over to get my six Cokes for the day.  It was raining and it was nice.  I thought how lucky I was to be alive on the drive and experiencing this day.  I was feeling very, very, very mentally well.  I was really enjoying the moment.  It is a good day to be alive and I hope this feeling lasts me for the day.  If only everyday were like this.   


Joy Heather said...

This Post made me happy today Andrew.

Leann said...

Enjoy the moments Andrew. All the rest is just filler.

justLacey said...

i like Kim Comando. There is a man that does a show similar to hers that I also used to enjoy. I can't listen to much talk radio since I had to trade my van in and give up the XM radio. It is one small pleasure I really miss.

Andrew said...


You are probably thinking of Leo LaPorte- the tech guy. I like him as well and listen in when I can. I listen to all these shows online. Search for radio streaming guide and google and it will point you to countless airings of these shows. It is good to see you commenting this afternoon!!!!! :-)