Thursday, March 25, 2010

Breakfast with Two of my Favorite People…

Helen was cooking mom breakfast when I arrived for my cokes.

“Pull up a seat and eat,” mom said.

Helen placed a plate of fried eggs and toast in front of me and I hungrily ate.

“I feel good this morning!” mom said happily. “I think I am getting a bath and going to the library.”

I looked up astonished.  Mom never gets out of the house before lunch.

“Your momma’s been telling me all she wants to do today,” Helen cheerily chimed in. “I have been encouraging her.”

“I get so tired of laying in that bed.  I know I am wasting my life away,” mom told me.  “You’ve inspired me to do better with your day yesterday.”

Last night, I called mom so excited about my day and all I was able to accomplish.  The words just came pouring out.  I know I sounded like a babbling fool.  I was just so excited though.

I left mom as she ate.  Helen gave me a hug and said she would call me later about lunch. 

“Baby, you’ve done more for your mother than I have seen done in years.  Good for you!”

I smiled.  I hope mom doesn’t get carried away, though.  Mom and I have been known to overdo it at times.  I am excited for her and do hope she gets out this morning.  I have great plans for my day as well. 


justLacey said...

Please fill me in about mom's day when she calls you. I am so excited!

Lena said...

There u go, inspiring someone again!

Joy Heather said...

It is so fantastic that your Mom is getting inspiration from you, and the good effect its having on can both really help each other through this..i am excited for you Andrew...let us know how your moms day goes, i hope you both have a great day.