Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude…

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“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

Today, I am thankful for medications and being able to afford them through the help of my family and the government.  My medications run over $1000 dollars a month – as much as what I get in disability each month.  I could never afford this without Medicare Part D which pays the full cost of my medications. 

I am also thankful for AA.  Having a safe and supporting place to go everyday to talk about my drinking issues is amazing.  And it doesn’t cost anything.  People come together to help and support each other via a common cause – the simple desire to stop drinking.  I am learning to live in a healthy way by attending the program.  I have a new lease on life. 

My gratitude lists will always include Maggie as well.  She really tickled me last night.  She was the proverbial bottomless pit as far as food was concerned yesterday.  She ate her double cheeseburger with relish.  Later, dad gave her a cup of her Purina One.  She ate that.  I had lasagna for supper and couldn’t eat it all and Maggie ate the rest.  She was bloated and it made me smile.  Jumping up on the bed to sleep was laborious for her.  I almost had to pick her up.  She is hungry again this morning and watched intently as I ate a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast.  Yes, she got half of the two. 

I am also thankful for Kevin “The Homeless Guy” Barbieux for reminding me to be kind to others which he is not.  He has taught me so many lessons over the years.  I have often gone by the mantra “do the opposite of what Kevin does” for better life living results.  He also taught me that homelessness wasn’t the end of the world.  There are places you can go and live off of the system for decades.  I always knew if my family abandoned me, then I would have a place to go however austere and contrived.  It was just a glimmer of hope in the pits of despair that once was the hell that was my mental illness and drinking.       


justLacey said...

My turn.
I am grateful that I had another smooth day at work. At times this is not possible, but lately so far so good.

I am also grateful for my work friends. I so enjoy them and will miss them when the Census is over and we all go our separate ways.

I am gratefully anticipating a good nights sleep which I did not get last night. Thought of you Andrew when I woke up at 12:00 and lay there until 3:00. Back to sleep for an hour then lay there until 5 and get up for work.

I am grateful also for my dog Panda who is always happy to see me no matter what and is there to share his love every day.

Andrew said...

Great share Lacey. All good things. You know how much Maggie means to me so I understand about Panda. I thought I remember you working with the Census. I need to fill mine out and send it back. It is sitting on the piano. You reminded me!

Charlotte said...

Saying our "thankfuls" everyday keeps us positive and more upbeat in life... and your positive attitude lately has helped me to think more positively, and I want to THANK YOU for that... :-)