Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All Backed Up as George Says…

“You’re talking all crazy,” George told me this morning handing me a twenty dollar bill.  “You need to be gettin’ laid.  You be getting backed up.”

I smiled at this turn of events.  I was delirious from my lack of sleep last night though. 

“Go to the shot house.  Ask for Dontelle and tell her George sent you.  She will fix you up.”

“$20 bucks is all a whore costs?” I asked astonished.

“$20 bucks for a crack whore,” George replied. “Twenty bucks is a good high.”

“What about sexually transmitted diseases?” I asked, concerned.

George reached into his front pocket to pull out a string of four condoms.  He tore one off and handed it to me.

George got out of my car and walked to his mother’s house.  I drove home and thought, “There is no way in hell I am getting in bed with a whore.”  My social anxieties just went crazy thinking about it.  The mere idea of sloppy sex with a stranger repulsed me.  I decided to use that $20 dollars on Mountain Dews and some Swisher Sweets cigars.  George will just have to understand when I talk to him tonight.    

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