Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thoughts for the Day…

Nothing Exciting Here Last Night…

001 George spent his night off with me last night.  Normally, Saturday night for George would have been poker night filled with debauchery.  Instead, it was a night spent at my kitchen table with lots of fast food and sodas while I worked on George’s carburetor.

“I had a bad drinkin’ dream yesterday,” George told me as I looked up from putting a new fuel level float in the carburetor.  “I dreamed I had drank a fifth of vodka and was trying to hide the smell from the police after getting pulled over.  I couldn’t breathe.”

I smiled. “I’ve had many drinkin’ dreams over the years,” I told him. “The brain works in mysterious ways.”

“You wake up wanting a drink, though!” George exclaimed.

“It’ll pass,” I replied trying to reassure him and it does. 

George stayed to almost midnight.  I was ready to go to bed and George was just getting going good.  George told me he was leaving to drive around and listen to the radio for hours – a vestige of his old drinking days sans the drinking.  Old habits die hard.

More Mom Stories…

002 copyMy poor mother.  Dad loves this stuff and loves telling stories on her.  Well, she couldn’t get her cell phone to work and they were in Waverly, Alabama at my great aunt’s 93rd birthday.  I opted out – not feeling up to the social crowd yesterday.

“Your mother was trying to call you today,” dad said over the phone last night. “She couldn’t get her cell phone to work.”

“Johnny?  I keep dialing the number, but it won’t ring,” she told me.   “I am worried about Andrew’s toothache.”

Dad said he looked at the phone and it was turned off.  He said he laughed and laughed.

“What’s wrong?” he said my mother asked.

“You have to turn it on to make calls!” dad exclaimed.

“She must have tried to call five times before giving up,” dad told me.

“Dad, you shouldn’t laugh at mom about stuff like that,” I replied, coming to my mother’s defense.

“Well, it’s just like her mother and her grandmother to do something ditzy like that!” dad said. “It’s genetic and nothing to do with her mental illness.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I hung up the phone.  I know I shouldn’t, but it was characteristic of mom.  The whole pharmacy and all of dad’s friends will know by Monday. 

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Joy Heather said...

love todays picture, that sky is dramtic. Bless your Mom, she is funny but i dont think anyone would be offensive about her quirky ways..she sounds a real character...I do hope Goerge wasn't tempted as he drove around, he is doing so well.