Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts for the Day…

022510_0010 copy2 “Don’t you ever sleep?” I asked George last night when he stopped by with a plate of food from Mrs. Florene.

George laughed. “I get about five hours a day,” he replied. “But momma was cleaning house all day today and kept me up.”

George had brought by that carburetor, the rebuild kit and four cans of Gumout carburetor cleaner.

“I liked to have never gotten it off the intake manifold,” George told me. “The old gasket was like glue. I had to pry it off with a paint knife.”

I asked George to help me with some things on my car in return.  I need new wiper blades front and rear and an oil change.  I don’t want to get entangled with mom to do all that.  It will get too complicated.  George assured me we will get to work on my car soon as well.

Grocery Day was a Outstanding Success…

Mom bought me all kinds of “steam in bag” vegetables with sauce.  I am excited to try out the different varieties.  I also got an interesting variety of fruit – mom having bought me six gooseberries, my favorite.  I had told mom not to buy me anymore more fish steaks as they had grown, well, fishy.  Well, six cans of fish steaks were in the bag and Maggie will get those.  She loves stinky stuff.

A Good Dad is Always just, Good…

“Did you have a good day off?” I asked dad last night.

“I stayed in my pajamas and read books until lunch,” Dad replied, grinning. “Then I took a bath, dressed and went to eat at Rodger’s Barbeque.”

“What did you have?” I asked, always intrigued about food.

“I had the super que and an order of fries.”

“Yum!” I exclaimed.  “I guess that explains why the phone was off the hook all day.”

“I wasn’t about to get tangled in pharmacy stuff today,” dad said.

Dad works so very hard running his business and it is nice to hear about days such as yesterday when he can relax and do dad stuff.  He was in an uncommonly good mood last night because of it. 

“Did mom ask you any questions today?” I asked, jokingly.

“Oh gawd!” dad said, sounding exasperated. “I never get a day off from that!”

We both laughed and laughed.  That’s my mom for you.  I told you she was having a “big hair” day.

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