Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thoughts for the Day…

022310_0006 copy With my erratic sleep schedules, I guess I can’t complain when I get seven hours of uninterrupted sleep like I did last night.  I feel so good this morning.  Have you noticed the lack of mental illness whining these past few weeks?  I’ve felt better than I have in literally years.  I have a few hiccups from time to time, but nothing of the severity I had just a year ago.  I try not to talk much about my mental illness on the blog.  I find it tiresome and depressing.  I read a lot of mental illness focused blogs and I have about given up on them.  Most of them are all so obsessive about medications as if it were all some big game of Russian roulette. 

Maggie slept with me all night which is always a joy.  I sleep better with her in the bed – her rhythmic breathing lulling me to sleep.  She didn’t scratch and carry on waking me up either.   She moved into the den this morning to finish her beauty rest – my bedroom being the warmest room in the house and the den is nice and cool; the coldest room in the house. 

Computer Heaven…

Well, I finally got my computer situated.  Everything is fixed and running tic tock.   I am not installing any more programs no matter how much I want Google Buzz or that little application that allows me to organize my iPod.  The more programs you install, the more Window’s registry becomes bloated and slow.   I will digress and say I bumped my front side bus up to 1700 mHz again for an over clock.  I just couldn’t resist, but things are running fine.  I am doing a backup this morning to my D:Storage drive and that way I can always revert to this point if need be. 

No Dentist for Me…

“I’m calling the dentist in the morning at eight,” mom told me last night when she brought by my fast food supper. “Your infection in your tooth is going to travel to your brain and kill you.”

LOL!  Leave it to mom to think of the worst case scenario.   I’ve had a toothache and mom has been doling out Tylenol and aspirin to me the past few days.

“Wild horses couldn’t drag me to the dentist,” I told her adamantly.  “They are going to want to do a root canal.  I can’t take all that.”

“Well, at least let me call to get you something for pain and an antibiotic.”

“Mom, you know I can’t take prescription pain killers,” I replied scoldingly.

Mom sighed frustrated.  I smiled.  Mom drove down to the pharmacy to get me more Tylenol and aspirin in preparation for the next few days.   I love my mother, but if you’re not careful, she can get you into more appointments than you can handle quick.  She has six this week with the eye doctor, various medical doctors, and hair appointments.  As dad says, “She’s the appointed one!”  


kristi said...

Andrew, I have read a lot of blogs and you always keep it interesting. I don't mind if you talk about feeling bad. What I hate is some addiction blogs, they depress me and some of the folks who comment only seek out those types of blogs. I have lost readers who only want to read negative stuff and I say good riddance!
As for the root canal, my hubby had one last week and did fine and he is a big puss. (when it comes to pain..LOL)

Happyone :-) said...

Good to hear that you are feeling so much better. :-)
You wouldn't mind going to my dentist. He really is the best. He is very gentle and he really loves being a dentist. I used to dread going to the dentist but don't any more. I even bring him cookies. :-)