Friday, February 19, 2010

Thoughts for the Day…

Anonymous comments are going off.  If you really want to comment then it only just takes about 5 minutes to sign up for a Google or Blogger account.  I am getting over 20 spam comments a day in the archives and it has gotten overwhelming.  I am busier than a cat covering up crap deleting all that junk every day.  The notifications are also filling up my email inbox and that aggravates me the most.

Helen Friday Today…

Friday is a special day for me.  I will look forward to all day of eating the special meal Helen cooks.  Luckily, dad didn’t get any hair brained ideas for things for Helen to prepare last night.

“Okay,” dad said after I had taken my medications. “What do you want for supper tomorrow?”

“I’ve been mulling it over in my mind all day,” I replied. “I want fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, turnip greens, creamed potatoes, and some of Helen’s wonderful biscuits.”

“What about dessert?” dad asked.

“Pear salad,” I replied.

Dad and I are stuck in this rut of either having Helen prepare fruit salad or pear salad.  I need to get Helen to cook something interesting like brownies or cookies. 

“That sounds like a really good meal,” dad told me. “It really helps me you picking the meals.  I run out of ideas of things for Helen to cook.”

Dad will get off of work around four and will head home to eat.   He said he couldn’t wait to get home and to enjoy his meal with mom.  Mom will bring me by a plate around three so the clock is already ticking.

Direction for the Day…

A few days ago, I made up this elaborate schedule for me to follow every day.  I felt I was just meandering through my days and needed more direction.  Well, I am already off my schedule.  I started out good getting my six diet Cokes for the day at 6 AM this morning and beginning to listen to the Elvis Duran radio show at 6 AM also.  Breakfast was supposed to be at seven and it is already after eight and I haven’t eaten yet.  So I have already gotten off schedule.  My grand idea is not going so well at this point.  Now is time for blogging, emailing, and browsing until 10 AM, so at least I am doing that.  After that, it is video game time till lunch at 12 PM then a nap and then book reading time.  It am going to keep trying this until I make a habit out of it.  I hate wasting hours just sitting here looking out the window and looking at the Twitter feed like I am prone to do.  


kristi said...

I am very schedule-oriented too. I can't wait to be off work for awhile and get some things done.

Joy Heather said...

Hi so glad you are getting rid of those silly juvenille Anon comments..i do hope your real Anon friends can join is pretty simple isn't it..I am not home much at the moment as i am house/ dog sitting for my Son...all those silly comments came through to me as well (via your page)what a silly person that was who sent them...look forward to reading more when i get back.