Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughts for the Day…

Caught in Computer Hell…

I spent all day yesterday fooling around with my computers.  First, I installed Windows XP and hated it.  It was just too outdated.  Then, I installed Windows VIsta and was still having problems with Windows Update.  It wouldn’t install service packs one and two.  I then bit the bullet and reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate.  Things are running smoothly now.  I still have to come up with $200 smackaroos to pay for a full license though.  I am on the clock and have 30 days.  Right now, I am backing up my computer to my D:Storage drive and reinstalling all my programs such as Photoshop and iTunes. 

Possible New Car in my Future?

“I think I am going to go ahead and buy your mother a new car,” dad said last night during our medication ritual.  “I am thinking of another Honda Civic.  I went today on my day off and looked at a few.”

I looked up intrigued.

“I am going to give you Martha’s old car,” dad told me. “Don’t get your hopes up just yet.  I am still mulling it over.”

Well, I couldn’t help but get excited.  Mom’s car is a 2006 Honda Civic LX.  It only has 17,000 miles on it.  Mom drives like a little old lady.  It would be the closest thing to getting a new car for me that I have experienced in decades.

“I was thinking we could sell your CR-V for about $10,000 and put vinyl siding on your house and get the outside fixed up,” dad furthered. “I want to paint your inside as well.”

“I want to keep my CR-V,” I said apprehensively wondering what dad would think.

“What are you going to do with two cars?” dad asked, smiling. “You rarely drive as it is.”

“I love that car and it will save miles on my new car,” I told him trying to sound convincing.

“We’ll think about it,” dad said as he got up from the couch to go start Maggie’s food ritual. 

I dreamt of Hondas last night.  Today, i want to go over to mom’s and just sit in her Civic awhile, read the owner’s manual, and check out all the features.  Dad told me not to get excited, but I just can’t help it.  He shouldn’t have told me all that last night.  I have always loved Hondas and cars.         

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