Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunsets R Us…

Really nice sunset photo over at my weather blog which is a nightly feature weather permitting.  My drug dealer neighbor was outside letting his dog pee when I was taking it.  He asked his buddy, “What is he taking photos of?”  I guess it was making him paranoid! LOL

Well, I am off to pace the floor and smoke copiously till dad gets here with my medications.  I am still having some symptoms tonight.  I guess I get tired as the day progresses, my medication levels drop, and I start to hear things and feel uncomfortable.  


This IS The Fun Part! said...

Is this something new - or has it always been like this? If it's new, let the doctor know. Maybe he can figure out something that will last longer or give you better coverage.

My husband has chronic, intractible pain and when the meds stop working properly his doc switches things around until a new combination works better. It bothers me to see you have to suffer if something can be done about it!


Leann said...

I love good sunset photos. LOL on the paranoid drug dealer!

Hope you have had a wonderful day Andrew.

sal said...

Great photo! I love to watch the sky.