Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Sober Man Three Weeks…

George stopped by at lunch with a sack full of Krystal hamburgers.  He wanted to thank me for hooking up his computer and getting him online.

“It’s no problem,” I said modestly.

“Well, you’ve been sober three weeks,” I said changing the subject. “How does it feel?”

“Does the urge to drink ever go away?” he asked. “I get beside myself for a drink some days.  I want to come over here with you when I get like that.”

“Yes,” I said, trying to sound kindly. “It lessens over time.  I never hardly ever think of drinking anymore these days.”

“Been to any meetings?” I then asked.

“I can’t get around the ‘being powerless over alcohol’ thing,” George replied.  “I do have power.  I choose not to drink.  It makes me feel sorry for all those people in AA in like they are helpless addicts.”

“My problem was always with the higher power aspect,” I told him jumping on the bandwagon. “Like some omnipotent being was going to just magically take away the urge to drink.  It reminded me of fairy dust and leprechauns.”

George laughed. “You always were weird about religion.  Momma would love for you to go to church with her you know.”

“I know,” I replied.  “She asks me all the time.  I would be the only white guy there.  I don’t have any Sunday clothes that fit me and it is always a good excuse.”

“Live it up today,” George told me as he was leaving.  He knows I ration my cigarettes to make them last and he handed me a pack of Swisher’s Sweets cigars.  “Smoke one after the other if you want to.”

I thanked George profusely and told him goodbye.  It was so good having him stop by today.  He looks so well.  Sobriety is being kind to him. 


Anonymous said...

i am glad that you got to see george today. i am also glad that you slept. gracice sleeps most of the time that i sleep but last night she got up a few times i was so glad that she did not want to go out because she would have probably been barky.i hope that you have a good day. liz

Andrew said...

My Dearest Friend Liz,

Thank you for the comment. Give Gracie a big bear hug for me. I bet Gracie and Maggie would love to just play and play. Yes, it was good seeing George, a sober George!

Moonroot said...

So pleased to hear how well George is doing. Long may it continue!

Andrew said...

Thank you Moonroot. Let's hope he is sober for years and years; the rest of his life.

Leann said...

It is nice to hear George is doing so well and realizes he has the power to stop the madness. It is nice he has you to come to because you are kindred soles and can strengthen each other. You could be his mentor :-) He comes to you in times of need and you are there, and hopefully vise versa.

Enjoy your day my dear.

Andrew said...


I am sure there will be a time when I have to go to George. He really does look so different. His eyes. His skin. I didn't realize how mucha toll drinking takes on the body.

Cin said...

I am so glad to hear that George is doing well! He sounds like he is well on his way! Thats wonderful news! :)