Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My World Today…

Today is my injection in the derriere.  Amazingly, I didn’t feel ill mentally last night like I normally do when my medication levels drop to it’s lowest level of the two weeks.  Dad asked me last night how I felt and I told him fine.  “You look good,” he said. “You look like you’re taking good care of yourself, Maggie, and the house.” 

Injection day is a special day because I get to get three regular 20oz Coca-Colas from the pharmacy on top of my six I got at 4 AM this morning.  We also weigh me to see if I’ve gained weight or lost.   I hope I’ve gained above 185 pounds so dad will leave me alone about the bulimia.  I’ve done really well about that lately.  I’ve only purged once in two weeks when I got indigestion.

Windows Hell…

My Windows Vista install decided to crap out on me yesterday.  Windows update wouldn’t work and I was getting all sorts of errors. Frustrated, I downloaded an evaluation copy of Windows 7 Ultimate – the next iteration of Microsoft’s Windows line of operating systems.  The install went flawless and I was soon back up and running without problems.

Now, I have 30 days to come up with $219.99 for a license to update the evaluation copy to a full licensed version.  This is going to prove daunting.  I am already obsessing over it immensely this morning.  I dropped hints to mom that I was going to need a couple of hundred bucks in the next 30 days.  She didn’t sound too enthused.  I guess I could always go back to Vista or Windows XP.  I have a license for both of those.    

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Joy Heather said...

Hope all goes well today Andrew, and that you have the weight gain you want.My son uses Windows XP professional & as never had any probs with it at all...why do you not delete those ridiculous Anonymous posts that some saddo just puts on all the time because they have nothing better to do with their day ??..i just look at them and think what idiot does this..but i suppose it could just be some silly kid who doesn't know what he's doing so we have to make excuses...Love your pics of Maggie..shes got more sense and is a better blogger than than particular Anon..maybe she could give him lessons.??..Have a good day both of you.