Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Amazing Overclocked Processor…

I managed to overclock my processor from 2.83 GHz to 3.61 Ghz.  And that is both cores!  I set the front side bus to 1700 MHz.  I’ve ran a stability test for over an hour with no problems. 



glittergirl said...

have you ever looked into smartrecovery.org? it's a really interesting alternative to AA and the 12 steps.

it's based on CBT and it's all about how you aren't "powerless" over addiction. very much like what you're saying in this post.

of course you're doing great staying sober, so whatever you're doing works for you. which is wonderful.

Andrew said...


I've never really looked into rational recovery, but have heard good things about them. If they have meetings, I doubt there would be any within a hundred miles of here though. It is always good to get a comment from you! And thanks so much for trying to help!