Monday, February 8, 2010

Mom’s Care Package…

Mom just drove by honking her horn.  She is really sick tonight and sounds it.  I walked out and she handed me a bag; a care package of sorts.

“Sorry I couldn’t bring your Arby’s tonight,” she said, sniffling.  “I am going home and getting in the bed.”

I walked back inside as she drove off to find this interesting combination.  3 diet Grapico, 5 cans of fish steaks in mustard sauce, and 1 roll of Ritz crackers.  Not quite a large Arby’s and some curly fries, but it will do.  Have I told you, “I love my mom?”  It’s the thought that counts.

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Anonymous said...

how sweet of your mom to do that. i hope that it brings a little joy in your evening. if you get a chance to email me back that would be great. liz

glittergirl said...

i was thinking about what a weird meal that was. i've never seen grapico (i don't think they carry it in these parts). and fish in a can seems weird. but i am about to go get a filet-o-fish and a roll of mentos for my lunch, so i have no room to talk! LOL

Andrew said...


It was SO totally random for mom that combination. She was just not feeling well. My grandmother would call it "fishing food" as that food would be what my grandfather would carry on his daily fishing trips.