Sunday, February 7, 2010

Locked and Loaded…

Hardee’s used to have this “loaded” breakfast biscuit that was delicious and I am sure it was full of everything you shouldn’t eat for breakfast.   Well, Mrs. Florene had her version of Hardee’s loaded breakfast biscuits this morning.  She cut her biscuits extra large and extra thick and in the biscuit was a fried ham cutlet (salty!), scrambled eggs, and shredded cheddar cheese.   It was delicious.  She also had homemade hashbrowns and they were delicious as well.  I like mine with lots of onion and that’s the way Mrs. Florene fixes hers. 

“Momma went to a lot of trouble to prepare those hashbrowns,” George told me approvingly.

“You can tell it,” I replied hungrily as I ate.

Tomorrow, George will have been sober for four weeks.  It must have seemed like an eternity for him.  He has had to completely rearrange his whole life to quit drinking.  No more Saturday night poker nights.  No more mornings after work at my house drinking beer until he is silly.  No more sitting over at the neighborhood shot house “shooting the shit”.  No more riding around for hours while he listened to Gospel and drank cheap beer.   I told him he was much more domesticated these days and he snarled at me jokingly.  



Tell George that we say, congratulations, mazel tov and keep it up!! It's a huge step and it's in the right direction. with hurdles, but like you, Andrew, he sounds motivated, stubborn and strong..

measure your progess in moments, George, not minutes..because you are capable of anything!!

(that quote will forever be in my head and relatable to practically any emotional hurdle. As my brother lay in ICU after the semi truck hit him, there is a lot of that period of our lives back in May that seem like a haze. Yet I can see my brother's icu nurse, hear the beeping of the machines that work for him because his brain and circulatory couldn't at the time,.and I hear her saying that quote, and clarity and peace was the very sensation I felt at that moment, despite all the scary unknowns that were literally surrounding my family.)

Keep it up. I'm glad you both have each other to relate to!

kristi said...

I made bacon, eggs, bagels for my family. TC even ate a wheat bagel!

justLacey said...

Breakfast sounds delish. I am impressed that George is making a real effort with his sobriety. I know it helps having you around.

Anonymous said...

it is good to hear how well george is doing. tell him way to go. the breakfast sounds so good. i have not eaten yet today and cannot decide what i want to eat. i need to use up some of my eggs. mom told me about a recipe that you boil pasta and put butter in it and add a raw egg or two and stir them till they get cooked and the add cheese. it kind of sounds good to me and a good way to get protein. and cheese and pasta are always good i think. liz