Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let’s Go Hog Wild!

It’s grocery day and mom is already fretting.  Have I ever told you she buys their groceries today as well.  She will buy theirs, take them home, and put them up.  Then, she will drive back to Kroger to buy mine.  Mom can make things so complicated.  I don’t know why she doesn’t just buy theirs, put them in the trunk, and then buy mine and put them on the backseat.  It would save two trips.  

“What do you want today?” she asked me over the phone.

“Lots of vegetables,” I replied.  “I am trying to eat healthier.  No Chef Boyardee.”

“Canned or frozen?”

“Frozen is healthier,” I replied. “Get me what appeals to you.”

“And mom,” I added. “Spend the whole $85 dollars I am allotted.  We’ve been frugal for far too long. I am tired of running out of food.  You always have to buy me food to get through the last three days of the week.”

For the longest time, other than last week, we’ve been spending $40 to $50 dollars weekly.  Mom paused for a long time.  This worried her.  She worries dad will get on to her.

“Dad always let me spend $85 when I was getting my groceries myself,” I said, trying to reassure her she wouldn’t get in trouble.

“Okay,” mom replied. “I will get you 20 Lean Cuisines instead of 15.”

“And get me lots of fruits.”  Fruit is expensive. “Try to get me some Kiwis if they have them.  I love those.”

Satisfied, mom hung up the phone.  Now, I will have to wait until around 1:30 or 2:00 for mom to arrive with my groceries.  The anticipation is mounting.  Buying vegetables means I will have to start cooking though.  Let’s hope I will be prudent and keep up with washing my pots and pans. 


kristi said...

Andrew they have some great steam in the bag veggies, you simply pop them in the microwave and voila!

Anonymous said...

i am going shopping today for groceries. i gu ess wednesday must be the day for both of us. i am going to not scrimp so that i will have groceries until we shop again this weekend probably, we go to a few stores so we divide it u p going to one store today and then on the weekend go to another store. i need to eat more veggies too which means like you mentioned i will have to cook though but with frozen veggies i can microwave them so that works ou t good. i hope that you have a good day. liz

Andrew said...

Kristi and Liz,

The steam in bag veggies sounds just like the ticket I need. I am calling mom now on her cellphone. Hopefully, she hasn't already done my shopping. AWESOME idea!