Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lectures From George?

“You’re drinking Cokes like you used to drink beer,” George told me this afternoon after stopping by for awhile. “You’re obsessed.”

I had called George asking for a favor.  I wanted a 12 pack of regular Coca-Cola from Kroger.  George was the only person I could turn to. 

“You know? Normal people don’t drink 12 Cokes in a row,” George furthered, admonishing me. “Or in a day for that matter!”

I laughed nervously. “I’m not normal,” I said in my defense.

“Did you even realize yesterday was my fifth week of sobriety?” George asked.

“I certainly did,” I replied, proudly. “Your mother called me about it.”

George lit up a cigar and looked deep in thought.  He grabbed the remote and turned it to channel 59, Cop TV.  He didn’t stay long, wanting to eat supper and get a few more hours of sleep before work.

“Try not to drink all 12 tonight, okay?” George said as he was leaving. “You’re going to get sick!”

I smiled as I lit up a cigarette all the while looking innocent letting the irony soak in of a man who used to drink alcohol like a ghetto whino.  I never thought George would get in on the anti-coke bandwagon everyone seems to be climbing on about me and my habit.   I felt like I had just had one of the many lectures my father is known for giving to me.   It kind of pissed me off after George had left.  I realized then I have a problem.  I guess it is better than drinking 24 beers a day like I did for years.  It is all relative and the lesser of the many evils I have practiced during my life. 


Lena said...

It is hard to watch people do harmful things to themselves even when it is the lesser of two evils.

George is clear headed now and he was just being a good friend.

But I think you know that.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Caution! Nagging Zone! George said it out of love - just like you would say something to him if he were to walk in tonight with a beer! Just like you warned him about porn sites and gambling for money online!

It would be so easy for all of us to have much, much worse habits - - but keep things in perspective, my friend. George was being your friend by speaking up. And it took a lot of guts and love for him to do that!

Nagging over!

You know I love ya!

skinny minny said...

you are obsessive about your cokes...but so what? and i know many many people who do drink that much soda in a day they just cover it up by getting the 64oz cups of it at the store. do 2 or 3 of those a day and it is the same as a 12 pack easy. one day you will be ready and able to cut back or completely give it up but until then no worries! It was the perfect day here today.

Anonymous said...

it was kind of george to be concerned bu t i know other people who drink lots of pop myself included and it could be far worse things that we do. liz

Anonymous said...

i am glad that you got your mexican tonight. have a good evening, liz

Rob said...

I wonder if the coke habit is a schizophrenia medication thing, I'm on risperidal consta too and drink diet cokes like it's going out of fashion, maybe it counteracts the dulling effect of the drugs, can't remember being bothered with them before meds, it's the buggers that are responsible for me being awake now at gone 2am, I get my shot in the arse in 12hrs better get some damn sleep

anyway greetings from cheshire, England. Been a lurker for 'bout three years

Regards Rob

Joy Heather said...

George was just been a good friend and is just caring for you..it is good that he sees things this way now...but Coke is MUCH better than the same amount of alcohol..although if its not caffeine free you could maybe get hooked on the Caffeine in time ?..but i wonder if the medication you are on is giving you a thirst ??...lots of meds do this, some anti depressants i was on a while ago made me want to drink all the time...i startd drinking a lot of water as it was such a problem...you could ask your Dad (or your Doc) if yours have excessive thirst as a side effect...i love caffeine free cokes myself and have always got them in the fridge..but i do drink water, tea etc as well...have a good chat to George i think its good he wants input in your life especially possible addictions..he as been there.,and it prob makes him feel good been able to help/talk to you.

Sharon said...

Sure you could be doing far worse things than drinking Cokes, but doing anything in an addictive manner is not a good thing. Coke is full of acid, which is bad for the teeth and for your stomach. Not to mention the caffeine in it. I stopped drinking all soda about two months ago, and man was it hard, but now I don't miss it in the least. I have less reflux for sure. You don't have to stop drinking soda if you enjoy it, but maybe cutting back a bit would be something to consider.

kristi said...

My kidneys would fall out if I drank that many cokes..LOL. I have one a day and drink water the rest of the day at work. I have tea with supper.

Sharyna said...

Did you ever consider that you are not addicted to cokes but that you're addicted to the covert routine? I mean, you sneak over to where Mom has hidden cokes from Dad. You do this before dawn. Do you turn off your lights when you go up their driveway? lol I think you and Mom are bonding over all this secrecy!