Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I’ve Got the Vapors…

Dad called at eight.  “Remember you’ve got your shot this morning,” he said. “I’ll see you at the store at nine.”

“Dad, I can’t make it,”  I said sounding weak. “I’ve got the vapors.”

“Just WTF is the vapors?” he asked aggravated. “You’ve got to get your shot. I’m sending Tim to pick you up.”

“GOTCHA!!!!” I exclaimed. “I was just pulling your leg.”

Dad and I both laughed and laughed.

“You really had me going,” he said. “You are a card sometimes.”

Daily Musings…

I slept for nine hours last night.  I’ve had insomnia for weeks just sleeping a few hours at a time.  I look forward to feeling rested today.  Maggie slept with me for the full nine hours as well.  I guess she is in tune with me and my moods and was tired as well.  She is usually up when I am up. 

My breakfast this morning was stuffed cabbage with mashed potatoes.  It was a Lean Cuisine meal and it was exceptionally good.  Dad weighed me this morning and I weighed 178 pounds so I am gaining weight.  Our goal is 185.  Holding it at 185 is going to be hard though. 

Sneaky Mom…

Mom dropped her purse over at the house yesterday when she was giving me my fast food supper.  A bunch of stuff fell out including a prescription bottle.  I picked up the prescription bottle before she could protest and it was just full of Xanax.  Dad only allows mom 3 Xanax a night as she is like me and will abuse them.

“Where did you get these?” I asked. “You know dad would be livid.”

“I went to a different doctor and got another prescription for Xanax,” mom said. “My brother, Steve, fills them for me out at his pharmacy.”

I sighed, worried.  “No wonder you’ve been sounding drunk in the mornings when I call.”

“I can’t sleep!!!” mom protested.

What do I do?  Tell dad?  Cause a ruckus? Or just keep quiet and let mom sleep.  I am worried she will try to drive after taking many and get a DUI.



hA! the vapors! For a second I thought you were saying that you had bad gas.. :)

Andrew said...


LOL! Well, I've been known to have that as well. Maggie is the king of the silent killer.

Joy Heather said...

I'm glad you & your dad are joking again..and that your weight is doing so well..but its disquieting to hear about your Mom & the tablets..but how terrible it is when you just cant sleep..you have a big dilemma on your hands,!! it would upset your Mom if you were to mention them to your Dad..and vice versa if your Dad knew you knew but didn't tell him...is there anywhere at all that you could put the tablets in secret (in your Parents house to avoid temptation )so that IF your Mom needed one urgently you could give her a normal dose..but she wasn't able to take too many...but i imagine your Dad is only concerned for her and wants whats best..it is a difficult decision Andrew and you are the best one to make it, as you know them both so well...good luck with this one.

Andrew said...


I am just going to wait a few days and see how mom does. Dad is pretty astute and will figure out she is taking something she is not supposed to. If mom would only take them to sleep, then I wouldn't have a problem, but she has been known to take six and try to drive. It's always something with our family, isn't it? I want a drama free few weeks. Mental Illness can do that; cause constant chaos. We are just going to do the wait and see game.


Anonymous said...

that is scarey for your mom to have all of those pillls. i do not know if i were you what i would do if i would tell your dad or what. it is very dangerous as you know for her to drive when taking them. i will say a prayer that you know what to do. i hope that it went well getting your shot. let us know if you like amy's frozen dinners. they are really good i think they are just really expensive compared to other frozen dinners. liz

Andrew said...


I worried Amy's frozen meals would be much more expensive. I probably won't be able to afford them then. The Lean Cuisine meals are very affordable. They should be as they are skimpy on the portions! lol Love you!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

Your mom is in the middle of doing something an addict would do - and I'm sure you know that. If you see that this is a growing problem, you may have to talk to someone about it. I wonder if talking to Steve might help? Is it possible that he has no idea what is going on with your mother.

Sometimes it is up to us to take care of our parents even if it means stirring up some real messes. Her doctor shopping is a real sign of trouble, Andrew. You know that. This time it's your turn to watch over her!

Okay - nagging finished!

WOW, three weeks is great . . and how nice of him to bring gifts and kind words to repay you. I think you guys are really helping each other out in such a positive way. Your good work is really paying off.

I'm going to go chase Dixie and Rascal around the yard for a few while the rain has stopped. We've had almost 3" in the last 24 hours! Hubby started building an ark this morning. LOL


Andrew said...


Dad will catch it. Mom is like me; we always seem to step in our own shit. Dad will notice when she is being "slow".

Hap Joy Free said...


Your a gas!!!!

PS what ARE the vapors, anyhow?

Andrew said...


My grandmother used to say that when she would come down with some unknown ailment. It's an old fashioned term.

Marsha said...

If your mother were the only one to be hurt by the pills, then that's different. But she can hurt someone else.

So she takes 6 and tries to drive to your house, causes an accident and kills someone. Someone's mother, father, son or child.

What then? How would you feel?

The guilt from knowing I had the chance to stop it and didn't would haunt me for the rest of my life.

I think you know the right thing to do, I hope you have the courage to do it.