Friday, February 12, 2010

Hamburger Helper?!?!

Commercials work.  Dad asked me last night about letting Helen cook Hamburger Helper today for our Friday Helen meal.

“I keep seeing the commercials for it,” dad said. “And it looks good and easy to fix.”

I was secretly disappointed.  I wanted my Southern soul food.  I usually get to pick the meals, but I can’t argue with my father.  It is futile.  He is paying Helen dearly for these meals after all. 

“Have her doctor it up good,” I told dad trying to save a desperate situation. “Get cheeseburger macaroni and add extra ground beef and real cheddar cheese.”

I didn’t want to tell dad how bland Hamburger Helper can taste.   It is sawdust in a box in my opinion. 

Mom the Commissary…

Mom’s mental illness intrigues me some days.  Her latest obsession is keeping me in cigarette lighters.  My lighter ran out a few weeks ago and I had to light a few cigarettes with the stove.  This worried mom to death.  She can’t stand for me to do without as I’ve said before on the blog.  It is just part of her obsessive compulsive nature. 

Well, mom got Judy, her go-to employee at the pharmacy, to order a case of expensive Bic cigarette lighters.  They came in this week and mom has been doling them out to me with my cokes every few days.  One Bic lighter will probably last me a month.  So now I have this glut of cigarette lighters.   I smiled this morning when I drove over to get my cokes at 4 AM and there were three Bic lighters in the plastic sack with my diet Cokes.  It is so obsessive.  This kind of stuff drives dad crazy about mom as he can’t control her and these compulsions.  :-)

A Fun Night…

Yesterday evening Mrs. Florene called me to come to supper.  I had just cooked some sesame chicken in the microwave when she left the message on my answering machine.  Well, that sesame chicken went into some Tupperware and into the fridge quick.  I couldn’t pass up a meal cooked by one of my favorite Southern chefs.  She also cooked one of my favorite meals.  Fried cubed steak, steamy sticky rice, steamed broccoli with lemon and butter, and biscuits.  We also had fruit salad for dessert. 

After eating, George and I sat in his car smoking for what must have been a good hour listening to Gospel and talking.  We were talking about the Internet and it being like a library in your own home.  George had discovered Wikipedia yesterday.  This really intrigued me George using Wikipedia.  My, have the times changed.  We’ve gone from getting drunk while watching Judge Judy to living sober and reading about the Maunder Minimum on Wikipedia.  George always seems to surprise me. 


forsythia said...

Ha ha! "Sawdust in a box." You're so right, but most folks have nothing to compare it with, so they think HH is OK. Hope Helen can return to real home cooking soon. Helen obviously doesn't need this kind of "help."

Happyone :-) said...

Mrs. Florene's meal sounds way better than hamburger helper. I agree with you HH is not good!
I am so happy to hear how well George is doing!
A happy day to you. :-)

Jennlm said...

My five year old is obsessed with Hamburger Helper too. She loves the commercials. I've resisted buying it. I know she won't eat it. I haven't had it in years, but it wasn't very good back then.

This IS The Fun Part! said...

I will admit to force feeding it to my husband once in a while. It is improved from years gone by - but will never win awards! It may be better than some dog food!


Anonymous said...

i was glad to hear how george is. i am so glad that he is doing so good. that is great that he is enjoyinig the computer. hamburger helper is not great at least when i had it years ago. i think it is better than tuna helper,sorry that you will have to miss one of helen's great meals but there wil be next week. maybe after having the hamburger helper your dad will get it out of his system and not want it again for awhile. i hope that you have a good day. liz

geelizzie said...

I think that stuff tastes way better when you are a kid and prefer bland food. The last time I cooked that stuff up it was pretty awful.

mago said...

Times Have changed. And for the better.

joyous melancholy said...

Hamburger Helper! Oh my, I hope Helen wasn't offended by his suggestion - LOL! Let her make what she wants, she's a genius in the kitchen and obviously doesn't need any help!

I'm so happy that George is doing well. He's a strong man, and has a good friend in you. I'm glad you stuck by him all these years.

alphabet soup said...

When you describe Mrs Florene's cooking it makes my mouth water. Helen using Hamburger helper!! Never!!

Ms Soup