Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go to the Dentist or Die Crazy…

“You sure that toothache isn’t going to cause your schizophrenia to act up?” mom asked me, concerned, this afternoon. “You know what stress can do to you.  It’ll make you crazy.”

Mom popped the trunk for me to get my groceries out.  She sat in the car asking me more fretting questions all the while my brow wrinkled with frustration and aggravation.  You could hear Maggie loudly yelping on the inside that mom was here she was so excited.

“I’m not going to the Dentist unless the Tylenol and aspirin stops working,” I told her. “I have a phobia about dentists and barbers.”

I started to walk through the yard carrying four bags of groceries.

“That infection is going to eat your brain out!” mom hollered back at me frustrated.

I smiled, but didn’t look back.  I finally got all my groceries in and was mad at mom because she said she was too tired to walk across the yard to see Maggie.  She just sat in the car directing things.  It was like taking a kid’s Christmas away for Maggie.  Mom was having what me and dad call a “big hair” day – her hair was all prettily done and she was all cocky, opinionated, and sure of herself.  It is always interesting when she has these days because she is like a different mom – more like a real mother or parent I should say.  


kristi said...

I tell Sara all the time, "DAMN I look good!" LOL!

glittergirl said...

fear of the dentist is very real.

i have been terrified of the dentist since i was a child. i avoided going for years as an adult.

now i'm having to have so much work done to repair all the years of damage.

i worked really hard to find a dentist i liked. she's very kind and gentle.

before any cleaning, i make sure and tell the hygenist that i am dental phobic. i tell them the parts that i hate the most (the metal hook scraping is the hardest part for me.) i ask them to go slow and to explain to me everything they are doing before they do it.

i still hate every moment of it, but i know i can get through the severe panic, and that it's worthwhile to try and keep my teeth in good shape.

my palms are sweating just thinking about it! LOL

Leann said...

Andrew, I just want to ask you to take care of Sepsis with that tooth. If it gets infected and you don't do something with it, it will indeed affect your brain and you can die. Just sayin'. Take care of YOU>

Joy Heather said...

I have hated the dentist since i was a teenager, when i had a nasty experience ..a long time ago !! but things have changed since then. You really must get some anti biotics for that infection, that is very important..these will kill the infection and THEN you can decide wether you are brave enough to go to the Dentist or not ...most wont remove teeth with any sort of infection anyway...i have still got all my own teeth and never have any pain. Also my teeth are in fairly good shape..but i do think that very regular hygeine and sensible eating helps a lot,...i can not remember the last time i visited the dentist, but the rest of my family keep regular appointments....i do feel for you Andrew...this sort of fear can be very real.

Joy Heather said...

I had a smile at your moms antics with her do..bless her.

Joy Heather said...

I had a smile at your moms antics with her do..bless her.