Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Eye Opening Experience…

Queen-of-England George had to run to Lagrange this morning for something so he asked me to take his mother to Sunday School and big church.  Once again, I stayed up all night with my toothache and didn’t feel like breakfast.  George says I am using my tooth as an excuse to be a recluse.  He’s probably right on a subconscious level.   Well, I took Mrs. Florene to Sunday School and dropped her off.  I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes smoking and listening to my radio – making sure she got inside okay.  I have never seen so many well dressed ladies and dressed to the nines.  All the flamboyant hats reminded me of the Queen of England and her usual public attire.  One fellow walking past even had on a dress coat with tails.  It looked like something out of a prom.   White church was never so formal when I attended as a child.  Anyways, I have to drive back over after lunch and take Mrs. Florene home.  Speaking of that, I need to get moving.  It is almost noon and I don’t want Mrs. Florene to have to wait long. Ciao.   

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Joy Heather said...

That is so interesting Andrew as over here in England..folks go to church in whatever they want to nowadays..VERY FEW wear hats..most just dress very casual, (some even wear Jeans)..Its not how you dress that matters...i think that is what was once wrong with church...too much pomp for lots of folk..but its very different now (in Most churches anyway)..maybe we are behind, but i for one hope it stays that way..too much emphasis on been
the best dressed can often be a bad thing...hope Mrs Florene enjoyed her Service.