Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Ding Dong Manifesto…

“Mom’s cooking!” George said excitedly as I walked in the front door of Mrs. Florene’s house this Sunday morning. “She’s been baking Valentine’s cookies all morning for Church.”

The house smelled wonderful.  There was the sweet scent of baking sugar cookies intermingled with the savory aroma of frying sausage.  My stomach protested that it must be filled and filled soon. 

“Come on!” George said. “I’ve got a website I want to show you!”

We walked into the den as George sat down at the computer desk waking his sleeping computer. 

“I found it yesterday,” he said. “I am addicted.”

George showed me this chat and webcam webpage were people were showing their private parts.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I knew this would happen eventually.  I knew George would soon be drawn to the underworld of the Internet like a moth to a flame.

“It’s all ding dongs and no coochies,” I replied. “It’s kind of gross, George!”

“Wait a minute and you will see a woman,” George said impatiently as images of penises scrolled down the page.  He wanted me to like this site so badly.  Just then, Mrs. Florene walked into the den to ask what we were doing.  George quickly minimized the webpage and if a black man could blush, he would have been blushing. 

“Just showing Andrew this new poker website,” he said, lying.

“Y’all come on and eat breakfast,” Mrs. Florene then said interrupting George’s fun. “It is getting cold.”

Breakfast was buttermilk pancakes and that never tiresome Clarke Brother’s sausage.  We all grew quiet as we hungrily ate the food was so good.  The pancakes were so good I didn’t protest when Mrs. Florene put three more on my plate.  I never eat seconds these days due to my bulimia for the fear of getting too full. 

As I was leaving after coffee and TV in the den, Mrs. Florene handed me a small bag of heart shaped sugar cookies. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby,” she told me. 

George walked out with me to the car urging me to check out that website when I got home.

“It’s all ding dongs,” I said again, laughing. 

George looked so frustrated as he lit up a cigar and I drove off.  I had the biggest smile on my face driving home.  It’s good to have some friends again as Mrs. Florene and George are always up to something interesting.  It was going to be a good Valentine’s Day even if I didn’t have a sweetheart to call all my own. 


Anonymous said...

i am glad that you had a good breakfast and have some cookies. i am not surprised at the web site that george found. i hope that you have a good day the frost looks pretty. take great care of yourself, liz

Sophie said...

I love how George and his Mom have made you a welcome part of their family. Feeling like you belong, that someone cares... that's the best kind of love there is, Andrew! Happy Valentine's Day!

Jamie said...

LOLOL! George will always be George, drinking or not. I love him - and you too, A.

Hugs---happy V day!

Francesca said...

I am also laughing....Wikipedia to Porn. My how quickly George changes, yet he is the same!! hehe

Joy Heather said...

Mrs Florene is an angel..bless her, that breakfast sounds good and the cookies were a lovely thought.
George as found something to make him happy..what can you say ??LoL

mommy2twogirls said...

Glad you had a good breakfast and some good cookies to go with it! Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day! Also, glad to see you finaly got snow! Another 3 inches for us is falling as I write this note!!
Have a great day!!!

Summer said...

Andrew...the way you describe the smells and the food is amazing. Can you describe what Mrs. Florene's house looks like? I'd love to see it through your words.