Saturday, February 20, 2010

Completely Disappointing Coke Ritual Experience…


3415323551_5fba3fe8b8“You’re sure you’re not trying to pull a fast one on me,” dad said this morning. “You’re mother always puts your cokes out.”

“She was out of it last night, dad!” I exclaimed desperately. “She called me asking me what day it was at three in the morning.”

Dad yawned and you could hear him get out of the bed.  His cell phone was beeping meaning the battery was low.

“I’ll put you six Cokes out in just a minute,” he finally told me. “Let me wake up and start breakfast.”

I sighed with relief.  I was really getting into a tizzy over my usual Coke ritual not going as planned.  I had waited for hours fretting for sunrise so I could call.  My obsessive compulsiveness was in overdrive.  

“I’m driving over right now to get them,” I said before hanging up.

Well, you have never met a more disappointed Andrew when I got home from getting my Cokes and they were all caffeine free when I looked in the plastic sack.  I was hoping for my three “leaded” diet Cokes to wake me up.  I will know from now on to wait until dad goes to work before calling – to be patient.  I will get mom to put my cokes out from now on no matter how out of it she is. 


Leann said...

Good morning Andrew. I am sorry that your usual ritual went awry. I am sure that must have been very disappointing and frustrating for you.

I hope sometime today you get some 'leaded' stuff to help you through your day.



Sharyna said...

Try asking Dad for Red Bull, then "settle" on leaded Diet Coke! lol I'm sorry your Mom had trouble with the day. I have been known to call the time and temperature lady or 611 (NEVER 911)and ask what day it was. Is it so much schizophrenia or just every day's the same?