Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Coke Ritual Stops For Nothing…

Picture me early this morning armed with a broom and multiple pans of hot water.  I was trying to ready my car for the short drive to mom and dad’s to get my Cokes.  I was ridding it of snow.  Mom had already called obsessing I wouldn’t make it.

“You sure you can make it up and down that steep hill by Hyman Pines?” she asked.

“Let’s hope anti-lock brakes and my four wheel drive don’t fail me,” I replied.

What a beautiful drive!  It was a rare winter wonderland in the South this morning.  The NWS officially reported us as getting two and half inches, but it was more.  I could tell by the amount of snow I had to clean off my car.

Mom was standing at the back door when I pulled up.  Mom and dad’s driveway was especially tricky to navigate.  I basically slid down it to the back of the house – my brake pedal constantly vibrating from the effects of the anti-lock brakes trying to do their best.  

“Here’s your cokes and some food and a flashlight in case you get stuck on the way home,” mom said fretting.

I laughed and smiled internally. It was just a two and a half mile drive. Dearest mom.  In a sack were four cans of chicken noodle soup, a plastic spoon, a box of crackers, dried tropical fruit and nut mix, and a little Mag-light.  Mom always covers all the bases.   I waved goodbye and had a fun four wheel drive filled drive back home to Maggie who was waiting at the front door.   


Anonymous said...

i am glad that you got there and back safe. we are to get more snow soon. i have had enough snow and being in. i am glad that you got some and like it. liz

Mariposa o Fenix? said...

Hard to believe you guys got so much snow! Nana was practically in a trance, watching the snow from her window, when I called her yesterday. Stay safe and warm with Maggie!!!

Joy Heather said...

Hi again Andrew..just back from house/dog sitting for a few hours,so thought i'd read your blog to see what you are up to.
I am so glad you have got your much longed for snow at last...i thought you would have put a few pics of it on your Post..look forward to seeing that, ours as gone now, but we may have some more in the next week or so, not sure...i have to come to my house twice a day to see to my cats..I am house/dog sitting for my Son Jimmy they are on holiday in Australia for a month..i'm enjoying it, but it is tiring some of the time..and its been very dog walking hasn't been much fun...but weather as been lovely today , lots of sunshine..still not warm but at least its not wet. Will put some pics on my blog if i remember to take my camera when i go back down tonught...good to see & Maggie are both fine Andrew,

Cheryl said...

I thought of you with the snow down south. I just can't escape it, but you wanted it and you got it! How exciting. You're sounding good!