Friday, February 5, 2010

A Bed Hog!

It really does drive me bat shiat crazy when I can’t make up the bed!!! LOL

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Summer said...

In nursing school I learned how to make a bed with a patient in it. It comes in handy when the cats are on the bed and will NOT move. Haha.

Andrew said...

Summer! LOL I had visions of little mounds under the covers! I could make Maggie move, but I am such a softie when it comes to her. I don't want to inconvenience her and she is inconvenincing me!!! LOL Oh well, the life of a dog obsessed dog owner. I love that dog.

Joy Heather said...

Maggie knows exactly her role in the Family home..LOL...she must have a little doggy snigger to herself while she is lying there....thinking my Dad loves me so much, he will .
leave me here all day unless I want to move...but i know she loves Daddy as well.