Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Wise Cracker…

Last night, dad and I were watching TV.  Dad compulsively changes the channel looking for something to watch.  It drives mom crazy and she will have to leave the room.  Well, dad stopped on a channel with a very Charismatic preacher preaching.

“That’s Danny,” dad said. “I went to school with him.  Class of ‘64.”

You could tell it was a local channel due to the poor quality of the picture.  It looked washed out and grainy.  Well, Danny was going at it; preaching hell fire and brimstone. 

“I know he means well,” dad said. “But he comes across as kind of crazy!”

I kindly laughed.  Dad did have a point.  He had got to preaching so hard and loudly that his hair had become disheveled. 

“You ought to reunite with him and go to church,” I told dad jokingly.

“I haven’t stepped foot in a church in twenty years except for funerals,” dad replied.

“You’re the one who needs to go to church!” dad said. “Maybe God can help with your addictions.”

“Organized religion,” I said musingly.  “It’s a touchy subject for me.  That’s why I’ve always had an aversion to AA and NA.”

I pestered dad one more time about that flatscreen television.  He said he would continue to think about it.  He hadn’t left for 30 minutes when he called me.

“Come  get the television,” he told me. “Take good care of it though.  That TV cost  $600 dollars.”

I sped to mom and dad’s to pick it up.   I hadn’t been so excited since my iPod. 

Video of TV in action…


Happyone :-) said...

Maybe you just haven't found the right church. I used to feel that way until I walked into the church that I go to now. (since this past August) It was like coming home. :-)

geelizzie said...

My husband is a compulsive channel flipper and while I don't have to leave the room it is incredibly annoying. I like to watch a show from beginning to end not little snippets of shows where I have no idea what's going on.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Andrew...I wondered if you knew that every post you put up displays twice (including the comments) right after the other. That's been happening now for a few days. Just thought I'd give you a heads up about it. Congrats on the new TV/monitor....looks great.

Anonymous said...

i am so happy for you that you got the t.v. i know you will use it well. i agree with the comment about not finding the right church perhaps. i like the one i go to and knew when i was there the first time that it was the church for me to be at. also not all churches are fire and brimstone preaching. i will say a prayer that God will lead you to what you are to do. i am not trying to be pushy just commenting on the post. liz

Jamie said...

You computer room looks like command central for a whole it. That monitor is huge!