Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Think He is Comfortable…

Mrs. Florene called me this afternoon asking if I had heard from George.

“I thought he would call you first!” I said.

“I’ve lost the pass-code to call him,” she replied stymied.

I guess no news is good news.  I bet they have him heavily sedated like they did to me when I went into detox.  Mrs. Florene went on to tell me she had scoured the house, the garage, and yard for liquor bottles.  She found three half empty bottles in his bedroom and George had even hidden one bottle in the reservoir of the toilet!!! 

“Sounds like something I would do when I was drinking,” I told her. “Par for the course.  When I was married, I hid a bottle of Southern Comfort in the Christmas Tree!”

Mrs. Florene couldn’t help but laugh at that last statement.    


Hap Joy Free said...

The old toilet tank stash is standard alcoholic behavior! Tell her to check floorboards and the attic!

Hope he is doing well!!

mago said...

So they chained him in the cellar? :)

Joy Heather said...

Another fave place is in wellington boots in the garden shed...i do so hope George is helped..but 4 days isn't a very long time..he will need tons of suport when he comes home..thnking of you all

Leann said...

In the Christmas tree??!!! Wow, I guess where there is a will there is a way.